The soba restaurant we found in Sayama was the No. 1 in Saitama Prefecture! “Sayama Okina.

Sayama Okina

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The area near Lake Tama and Lake Sayama in Higashimurayama. I went for a walk and quickly searched for a place to have lunch, but I found a nice buckwheat noodle shop nearby. I decided to go because there was a We arrived at the restaurant thinking that it was a pretty tough walk up the hill from Tamako.
We were lucky that there were no customers at all when we got there.


The parking lot looked like it could hold at least two cars.
If you want to be sure, it’s better to walk or bike.


The beautiful, sloppy, mochi-colored curtain!


Zaru Soba 900yen

1,050 yen for grated soba noodles

Tororo Soba 1250 yen

Kamo Seiro Soba 1,440 yen

Ten-Seiro Soba 1680 yen

Soba with conger eel and tempura soba noodles 1,730 yen

Soba (buckwheat noodles) set, 1,680 yen


I really like country soba, so I wanted to make country soba.
What a weekend only! With some disappointment, we decided on a large bowl of grated soba this time.

Oroshi Soba (large bowl)

It was a pretty hot day, so it was cool and happy inside!


The place is clean and organized, and the atmosphere is great!
After a short time, Oroshi Soba appeared.

White, very beautiful soba noodles! Sounds delicious.


The grated daikon is spicy, but it would have been better if there was more of it
It’s only a little, and I miss it ^^^.


The soba noodles are firm and fresh.
It goes down smoothly and cools your body in a hot flame. The flavors of the buckwheat noodles are strong and go well with the thick, spicy and crispy soup.

Try dipping a little bit of daikon and horseradish in soba noodles as a garnish.
The freshness of the yakumi and the scent of the soba noodles mixes well and doubles the flavor! It is one of the most delicious soba noodles I’ve ever tasted. I found very delicious soba in an unexpected place.

After we finished eating soba, we had a sobayu.


I usually drink sobayu straight (without the dipping sauce), but I also drink it here You will have a straight sobayu. It’s a cloudy white sobayu in which the nutrition and flavor of the buckwheat noodles are blended. Mmmm. It was delicious. We left the restaurant after calming ourselves down with Sobayu.

That was a delicious meal.

I found out later that it was the highest-scoring restaurant in Saitama Prefecture.
It was hard work going up and down hills, but I’m glad I came. I’m a big fan of soba noodles, and I’ve eaten soba in many places. I’m glad to know that. Next time I come back for a walk around here, I think I’ll stop by.

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