Curry at Zaffran, a spice shop in Akasaka


Read more about Zaffran here.

It is a yellow shop on the way to Tameike-sanno from Akasaka.
It looks like an Indian restaurant, but I’m looking forward to it because it claims to specialize in spice dishes.


The shop seems to be open for this time of year with considerably wider seating spacing.
I wonder if the clerk is Indian. He came quickly and gave me a menu.


One Curry Set 850円

2 Curry Set 900円

tandoori set 1000円

3 Curry Set 1200円

special set 1500円

プレーンドーサセット 900円

マサラ・ドーサセット 1000円

チキンビリヤニセット 1200円


I was pretty hungry, so I felt the most voluminous!
Decided on a special set.
Two types of curry, salad, tandoori chicken, sheikh kebab, garlic naan, and a drink are all included for 1,500 yen. It may be quite reasonable.

special set

It may be a popular restaurant because there are quite a few customers coming to the store while waiting.

And here is the one that appeared.–vxGWgCqR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

It’s a lot of food.
It even comes with saffron rice on top of everything else!


You can choose two types of curry, but I chose the butter chicken and mutton curry.

The sheikh kebabs and tandoori chicken are well spiced and delicious.
The salad also has a nice spicy dressing, which is common in Indian restaurants.

The mutton curry is a bit dry, but it goes best with the garlic naan.
Butter chicken curry is mellow and sweet, so it goes well with garlic naan, but not so well with rice?

I had recommended it, but it was a little too much rice, wasn’t it? This is the image of I thought that a little more curry would be just the right amount, but I ate it all!


And this is Chai. I tried this chai without gum syrup, but it’s not a sweet chai. I ended up getting all the gum syrup in there!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I thought it was a pretty lumpy set for 1,500 yen.
I think it’s very good when you’re hungry, but if you eat it normally, you might overeat it. There’s a pattern of eventually running out of curry, so beware!

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