Lunch at one of the most famous restaurants in Yokohama’s Chinatown, Saikou Shinkan

Saikou Shinkan

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I came near Yokohama Chinatown and I wondered if I would have Chinese lunch. Then I found a big Chinese restaurant in a small street, “Saikou Shinkan”. It looked quite tasty and when I looked inside, I saw that it was quite a big restaurant and the seats seemed to be big enough for me, so I went in!


As you would expect of an “annex”, it’s sparkling.
Inside, there is an electronic reservation system using a tablet and disinfectant solution.


Peking duck volume 740 yen

Fried rice with various vegetables ¥980

Fried rice with crab meat 1170 yen

Gomoku Yaki Soba 970 yen

Saikou’s tantanmen 970 yen


Hmmm. I’m not sure what to think, but I’m really interested in the “Saikou’s Tantanmen” named after the restaurant. It’s called “Saiko no tantanmen”, right? So I’m curious about it. Also, I wanted to have Peking duck, but they said it was 740 yen per roll and you could order it in two rolls or more! I’m alone on days like this – but I decided to ask for two volumes.

Saikou’s tantanmen


The seating looks like this. There is vinegar, spicy pepper, soy sauce and rah-oil.
Then, after waiting for a while, the tantanmen appeared.

Redder than the so-called tantanmen!
The ingredients are simply miso and green onion. When you take a bite of the soup, it’s really hot. You can’t get enough of the tangy sansho (Japanese pepper) stimulation that comes after drinking the soup!


They’re red in color, and there are pieces of chili pepper floating around!
Even though it’s so spicy, the soup has a great flavor.


The noodles are pockmarked and crunchy. They are thin, but they are crunchy and delicious. They go well with the spicy and light soup. Nahka’s tantanmen, very tasty and I loved it.

Then, as we proceeded to eat the tantanmen, the Peking duck appeared.


They roll it up in the back.
It’s fun to roll them by myself, but sometimes I can’t roll them properly (I sometimes get too many ingredients and they end up getting too big!), so it’s nice to be able to do it this way.


I took a bite and it was good too.
The crispy skin, the green onion, and the sauce. The balance of the crispy skin, the green onion, the sauce, and the sticky skin that wraps it up is so good! Oh, delicious. That’s $740! I get a little nervous when people say that, but the food is good. The Peking duck itself is not something you can eat very often, so I’m glad I ordered it. If you have two rolls, you’ll be a bit full by the end, but we were very satisfied.

That was a delicious meal.

In the end, the Peking duck was more expensive than the noodles, which cost about 1,000 yen. I was very satisfied with the taste of both dishes. I found out later that this restaurant was quite famous in Chinatown, so I was satisfied.

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