Negi ramen at Jiro-style Ramen Bario in Toranomon

Ramen Bario

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I feel like I’ve been eating Jiro-style ramen more often lately, so I think I need to be careful. However, once you get into the habit of eating Jiro’s, the power of garlic is that you can’t stop eating it… We went to Toranomon for ramen because we had some time to spare this time.


Plus, it’s a burio.
Even though I think I need to refrain a little, I can’t help it.
We arrived a little early, so the shop was pretty empty on this day.


味玉ラーメン 890円

チャーシュー麺 1090円

ネギラーメン 910円

らーめん 790円

麺少なめ玉子付き 790円


It looks like the price has gone up in response to the sales tax increase from October 1, 2019. The last time I went there was around August 2019, so it was the first time I’d come since the price went up. This time, I was torn between the Ajitama Ramen and Negi Ramen, but since I didn’t have anything to do with meeting other people afterwards, I decided to go for the Negi Ramen without the smell.

leek ramen

When we sat down and looked at the counter, there was a Balinese man’s adage just like before.


I’d like to put three cups of garlic and become a Bario man.
And here’s what came out of it. Negi Ramen.


The leeks are not ordinary leeks, but they are dressed with pepper and sesame oil.
This volume is the same as ever. The emulsified soup looks delicious.

I took a sip of the thick pork bone based soup from the side of the bowl to check the taste, and immediately tried the “Bali Man”.

This is the one after three cups of garlic. It doesn’t look the same at first glance, but I put a lot of garlic in the upper right corner. After this, the garlic is soaked evenly in the soup and eaten at once.


The fat and garlic tangled in the fluffy noodles is so good!
The fatty part of the large chashu is the best. It is good that the garlic tightens up this greasy feeling. The leeks are crunchy and give you a texture that you don’t usually find in ramen. However, the smell seems harsh, which is a little unpleasant when you think about what happens after you eat it, but for now, I’m focusing on the delicious ramen.

The amount of noodles in Bario’s Ramen is not so large that you can eat it in a small amount.
The chashu noodles were also good, but I like the green onion.
One of the menu items we ate at Bario was Negi Ramen. I liked it quite a bit.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I was very satisfied after the meal. A little bit of soup at the end is also delicious.
If I’m not careful, I’m going to drink up all of it, so I’m holding back and drinking a glass of water at the end. If you don’t drink water from the time you start eating ramen until you’re finished, the cold water after you’re done eating is insanely delicious.
Ah. It made me want to eat it again when I remembered it.

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