Tamahide”, an exquisite chicken and egg bowl in Ningyocho

Tamahide chicken dish

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Tamahide is a famous chicken restaurant in Ningyocho. They are very famous for their oyako-don (parent and child rice bowl), but when I passed by, they were open, so I decided to stop by.

Everything has been in business for 1760 years! Tamahide began as a restaurant specializing in military chicken dishes founded by Tetsueimon Yamada and his wife Tama, who served in the Shogunate. This restaurant has an unbelievable history of Oyakodon, which was invented by the fifth generation of Tsumagome around the 24th year of Meiji era.

Due to the recent infection measures, there was no sitting together, and each person was shown to a seat quite far away. There were no customers at all and it was almost a chartered place.


Evolution Oyakodon 1800円

The restaurant offers only the Tokyo Gunken Chicken and Red Foot Spinning Chicken bowl.
The oyako-don with soup is 1,800 yen, and the oyako-don with minced chicken, boiled egg and dessert is 2,800 yen! Add the chicken dish of the day and it’s 4400 yen!

This time, I only ordered an oyakodon for 1,800 yen.

Chikin bowl

When I looked around, I imagined that it must have been a very unusual sight.


After a while, dashi (left) and tea (right) appeared!


The broth is light but thick. It was so good it permeated my stomach.
In the meantime, the oyakodon arrived!


It’s a little cute with a vessel on top of it.
The top dish is Oshinko, and the bottom dish is Honmei Oyako-don!
I enjoy the moment when I open the lid of a heavy or bowl of food.

Oh! The beautiful yellow color of this bowl of rice with a father and son is beautiful. Is the fact that there are no mitsuba or green onions in it one of the features? It’s hard to tell which one is a Tokyo military chicken and which one is a red foot spinning chicken, but I took a bite.

The melted egg and the chicken are extremely delicious.
The chicken is full of flavor and is firmly in the thick egg. The broth is so good, it’s delicious! It’s sweetly seasoned and easy to eat.

I thought this was the original oyakodon, but I ate it all.
It was a delicious oyakodon.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I didn’t realize that this restaurant was the birthplace of Oyakodon, but it has a very long history.
The carefully made oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl) was so delicious that it seemed to compete with the taste of the egg and chicken. It seems like it’s usually crowded, so I’m glad I got to eat this time! I would like to come back for the chicken nabe in the evening when I have settled in again.

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