deep-fried set meal at Monkey’s tail in Azabu Juban

monkey’s tail

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Monkey’s Shippo is a chicken restaurant near the entrance to the shopping arcade in Azabu Juban that serves delicious oyako-don (chicken bowl). I haven’t been there recently, so I came to the store. This is the first time I’ve been upstairs! There are a few tables in private rooms for two times, so it might be easier to talk in the evening here!


高原比内地鶏 特撰親子丼 1000円

高原比内地鶏 そぼろ定食 1000円

高原比内地鶏 唐揚げランチ 1100円

ちょっと贅沢な海鮮ランチ 1500円


I’ve only had oyakodon, but they also have soboro set meal and seafood lunch. ”Actually, our shop manager is better at fish! I didn’t know that.

This time, I decided to have a fried lunch.

fried lunch

There are teacups and pots of tea on the table and bottled water. It’s a thermos so it’s a very hot tea, so be careful!

While we were doing so, the fried food arrived.

Salad, fries, pickles, and miso soup!
The ponzu and grated radish are also very good!
It’s an image that just fried food suddenly became something gorgeous. This is great.

The salad is quite a lot, so it’s very satisfying.


It’s a little disappointing that the amount of fried food is not so much.
I’m glad it’s a little more substantial!

But the taste is perfect.
It’s delicious as is, and the best part is that it’s
It is also good to put it on ponzu and grated radish.

Both go well with rice, so you’ll feel like there’s not enough rice, but if you think about it calmly, there’s quite a bit, so you’ll be satisfied in the end.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

The fried tofu was also solidly delicious and satisfying.
The oyakodon is also delicious, so I knew about the chicken, but in fact, I think I’d like to try a fish-based lunch next because I’m actually better at fish.

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