Caligari”, a famous curry shop in Akihabara

Caligari Akihabara store

The details of Caligari Akihabara store are here.

Caligari is a curry restaurant that reportedly won the Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2019. I didn’t know where it was in Akihabara at all, but I found it on Kuramaebashi Street near Suehirocho, rather than Akihabara! I didn’t realize it was in a place like this. The time was a little after 11:00, but there were still one or two customers. That’s right, it’s a famous restaurant.


The signboard of Caligari is a bit cute because it looks like a dot.


Kaligari curry 700 yen

Caligari Indian Curry 700 yen

Akihabara Curry 2 1100 yen


There were a lot of things going on, but since we were in Akihabara, we turned our attention to the Akiba curry named after Akiba! The Akiba Curry 2 is a collaboration of rouleau rice and curry. This is new to me. So, I decided to make Akiba Curry 2.

Akiba Curry 2

After waiting for a while, the curry appeared.

Yellow saffron rice and curry, with a green pakchie in the middle, and a pretty good color. As soon as you take a bite of the roux, the coconut flavor comes to you all at once. Curry with coconut. It’s mellow, deep and delicious.


Anyway, it is full of ingredients, and any combination with any ingredients is delicious. Then, it becomes more and more complex as it is mixed. It’s a strange curry that doesn’t disrupt the overall harmony though. I was particularly impressed with the curry and the octagonal flavor of the pork rice.

You can mix and match various flavors and enjoy the change in taste.
It was a very delicious meal.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It’s the first time I’ve eaten carigari curry, and I think I can understand why it’s so addictive. I wonder if it’s more like Mirose or something like that, where you have a lot of ingredients and you mix them up a little bit at a time to create more and more new flavors. It was a delicious restaurant that created a unique curry world.

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