Delivery of a luxury lunch box at “Buta-Gumi” in Nishi-Azabu!


Read more about Buta-Gumi here.

There was a day when I was too busy to go out and buy a bento, so I checked the home delivery website, and to my surprise, there was a delivery service from “Buta-Gumi” in Nishi-Azabu! I think I started with a recent thing, but I like Buta-Gumi’s tonkatsu quite a bit, so I decided to order one. I pre-ordered from within the site and made sure it came the next day.


Standard brand pork roast set 2345 yen

Standard brand pork loin ultra-thick cut set 2962 yen

Premium brand pork loin, super thick cut 3478 yen

All of them are quite expensive for home delivery. But if you think of it as a pig group, it’s a normal price.
There may be no home delivery service from the pig group in the future, so I decided to go with the best one and bought the premium branded pork for 3478 yen.

Premium brand pork loin, ultra-thick cut

We arrived on time the day of the event! It comes in three boxes.
They asked me to pour miso soup by myself because I couldn’t give it to them for corona measures. You receive a water bottle and pour yourself a bowl of miso soup from it. It’s a little hot, so be careful^^.


It seems that today’s premium issue pig was the Shirogane pig.
The accompanying booklet has a pretty good description of the Shirogane pork.

It looks like a balanced pork and comes from Iwate Prefecture.
I’m told it’s also known as Platinum Pork. Surely you’ve heard of Platinum Pork.

So, here are the three boxes I opened up.
A box of rice, a box of cabbage, and a box of tonkatsu!

When I checked the tonkatsu, it was crispy and hot.
The batter is also crispier than I expected. I thought it would be a bad delivery, but it wasn’t. By the way, the breadcrumbs here are said to be first-class breadcrumbs that have been aged for 2 hours.


The sweetness of the fat is delicious when you take a bite of it!
It might be pretty close to eating at the store. The meat is chewy and the fat is especially delicious.
The balance of the crispy fried batter is very good.

The tonkatsu here is not persistent at all, but I wonder if there is a secret to the deep-fried oil.
According to the information that came with it, it is made from a base of fatty white sesame seeds and blended with cottonseed oil to give it a light texture.

The cabbage is also sweet and voluminous.
By the time I finished eating, I was full.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

As expected, it’s too expensive to order every time, but I’m sure they won’t do home delivery if things get back to normal in the future, so I thought it might be a good idea to experience eating Pork Gumi at home for once. It was delicious!

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