Famous Chirashi Sushi “Omaze” from Akasaka Sushi Cho, a long established sushi restaurant in Akasaka

Akasaka Sushi Cho

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Is there a good sushi lunch in Akasaka? So I searched around and found a place called Akasaka Sushi Cho, which is open only for chirashi sushi, called “Omaze” at lunch time. It seems that they only serve chirashi sushi called “Omaze” at lunch time. The place is above the Tempura restaurant “Tenmo”!


You will be asked just how much rice you would like to eat when you enter the restaurant.
The menu is just one “Omoze”, so it’s easy.


It’s almost the same layout as Tenmo.
Well, since it’s directly above, I think the layout is almost a perfect match, so I’m satisfied.


The evening course looks delicious.


Omase 1,500 yen



After waiting for a while, the miso soup appeared.
And two of them. Huh? I thought I was going to get two bowls, a red miso bowl and a white miso bowl.
This is pretty rare!

Shortly after that, the chirashi sushi appeared!

While I was surprised at the part where the two types of miso soup were served
The chirashi sushi looks very fresh and delicious.


The filling is tuna, white fish, shrimp, ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (tobiko), cucumber, and tamago-yaki (fried egg). The matured neta goes well with the mildly salted red vinegar rice and it is very tasty! . It tastes great as it is, but the flavor is even better when you dissolve wasabi in soy sauce and pour it around. I feel like.

On the way to the miso soup of white miso and the miso soup of the red dashi, I’m going to drink a little at a time.
It’s amazing how well they both fit together. I felt like it would be hard to drink twice the miso soup, but when you drink a balanced amount, it’s just right. I ate a normal amount of rice, but the effect of the double miso soup was great and I was full!


There’s even a sweet dessert at the end to satisfy you!
Lunch Bara Chirashi at a sushi restaurant. It was delicious!

That was a delicious meal.

I was surprised to see two pieces of miso soup served first, but the work was done with care and attention to detail. It was very good. All the restaurants in this building are of a very high level. I want to go to this restaurant next time for the 7,000 yen course.

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