good soba noodles at Sagara in Akasaka Mitsuke


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Sagara” is a soba noodle restaurant in Akasaka Mitsuke. The sun was shining and it was hot this day too! On such a day, you want to eat cold soba noodles!


Because of this situation, the shop was quite empty.


せいろもり 700円

つけとろろ 1360円

辛味大根おろしそば 1260円

鴨汁せいろ 1380円


Ah, spicy radishes! There was a limited time only buckwheat noodle soup with root mitsuba and spicy daikon radish, so I wanted to have it, but I didn’t want to have it because it came with cooked rice, so I went for the grated spicy daikon soba as a side dish.

spicy soba noodles with grated radish

After waiting for a while, the spicy grated radish soba noodles appeared.

Mmmm, looks delicious. I’m glad that the amount of buckwheat noodles here is quite large, unlike the stylish buckwheat noodles often found in Tokyo! Soba with spicy radish, dried bonito flakes, nori (seaweed), baby sardines and tempura.


This spicy radish, a little pinch, is spicy!
It is good with spicy radish. I’m going to have a bowl of soba noodles right away.


Soba noodles were cooled and sticky. The aroma of buckwheat noodles is also strong and very delicious! It goes well with soba noodles and thick soba-tsuyu. It’s delicious. The spiciness of the spicy radish makes me cry a little while I eat it!

Then, after eating soba, we have soba water.
Sobayu is the type that you can drink with no soba tsuyu, but it’s relaxing and delicious! It would be nice if there was a “Soba-yu” at Starbucks.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

The soba noodles at this restaurant are quite delicious and I like it, so I’m going to go to an affiliated restaurant next time? Or is it? I also wanted to go to Kanzemizu at night. Delicious soba noodles and sake definitely go well together. I’d love to go! I thought to myself.

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