Glutinous hand-made noodles at Bazoku, Asakusa


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Bazoku is a Chinese restaurant in Asakusa that is famous for its hand-made noodles.
I’ve seen this restaurant on TV a few times, and the sound of the proprietor hitting the noodles echoes.
I was very interested in it, so I decided to tell them. I arrived quite early to go inside the shop because it was a famous shop.


Ramen 700 yen

Tang-Tan Tsukemen 900 yen

Tantanmen 900 yen

Miso Tsukemen 800 yen

Hand-made gyoza (500 yen)


Among the numerous menus, the one I chose was “Tantan Tsukemen”!
And I was curious about the hand-made gyoza, so I ordered it.

Tang Tang-Tsukemen + hand-made gyoza

Looking around the restaurant, the owner is working hard to make the noodles.
And on the wall is the origin of hand-made ramen! It is said that in the old days, flour was kneaded with water, chilled for a day and night, then struck and twisted into noodles. It’s called La-men because the Chinese call stretching it “La”! Heh. I didn’t know that.

The first thing that came out as we were driving was hand-made dumplings!


It’s a pretty big dumpling, and it’s a lot of volume.
When you take a bite, the elasticity of the skin is amazing. The chewy skin is unique. Is it a technique that hand-striking is capable of? The bean paste inside is full of vegetables and is very delicious.


And the arrival of hiyashi tantan tsukemen.

The uneven width of the noodles is also unique to the handmade feeling.


It dives into the broth and takes a bite.


The noodles are sticky and delicious! It feels extra tight because it is chilled.
The tantan tsuke-shiru is not very tasty, but the white sesame flavor is outstanding. It doesn’t taste too spicy either, so if you like spicy food, you may want to add some chili oil to it. The noodles have a great presence and are well balanced with the dipping sauce.

The noodles are quite watery, so I got the impression that the dipping sauce gradually thinned out as you ate them. Then, I devoured the noodles and ate them all.

I dipped the leftover gyoza in the sauce at the end of the meal and it was pretty good!


thank you very much (for your hospitality)

As their reputation for noodles is on the rise, the delicious glutinous noodles were very good. The large dumplings and the flat-topped noodles are both quite a lot to satisfy your appetite! I heard about this restaurant when I heard that they serve delicious hiyashi chuka, so I thought I’d like to go there in the summer to have hiyashi chuka when I get settled in.

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