Ao Zai, an old Vietnamese restaurant in Akasaka.

Ao Zai

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Ao Zai is a long-established Vietnamese restaurant in Akasaka. Since it’s located under Office Kitano, I was sure that many famous people must have visited there, but come to think of it, I guess I’ve never been there before. I thought so I decided to go this time.


I knew that they usually sell lunch boxes at lunchtime.
It seemed to be possible to have lunch inside the restaurant as well.


Daily specials for lunch 1000円

Chicken curry rice 900円

Chicken curry noodles 900円

Special steamed dumplings + half pho 900円

Chicken pho 800円

A large portion is said to be available for 200 yen.
When I asked what today’s daily special lunch recommendation was, they told me it was “Chicken in coconut stew”.
The waiter told me that this was delicious, so I decided to follow his recommendation this time.

Braised chicken with coconut

Here is the one that appeared a while later.

In addition to the chicken stewed in coconut, it also came with a half-size pho!
The daily specials are very reasonable, aren’t they? It consisted of salad, rice, chicken pho, chicken stewed in coconut with a splash of lemon!

First, a bite of the coconut stew.
This is very, very good. The sweetness and flavor of the coconut is the best match for the chicken.
It has a very ethnic and authentic taste. I wonder if there’s a nam plaque in there too. It’s a coconut, so it doesn’t go well with rice, does it? I was thinking, “This goes really well with rice. It is seasoned very thickly, so you can have a couple of bowls of rice already. I’m so glad I believed the shopkeeper’s recommendation!

And the pho has a very nice and gentle broth.
The noodles are firm and very tasty.

We were very satisfied with the deliciousness and filling up our stomachs.


By the way, this is chicken curry! This looks delicious too.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I was surprised at how delicious it was.
It’s like a long-established restaurant. I regret not having gone before. I would definitely like to come back for one more night of watching. I wonder if they have coconut stew in their lunch box. I would definitely come back to buy one if there was one.

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