Luxury teppan-yaki teppan-yaki “Romantei” in Azabu Juban


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High quality teppanyaki restaurant in Azabu Juban. I wouldn’t normally go to a place like this, but I learned that there was an all-you-can-drink plan, so I decided to use it for dinner this time.


The location is above the yakiniku restaurant Hanajuban. I didn’t know there was a shop here.
Go up the stairs to the entrance.


The interior is very stylish!
This time, I went to a private room because I made a reservation.




It’s a 10,000 yen course with all you can drink and a lot of high quality ingredients.
It was a good value for money for a dinner.

Abalone Course

So, the course starts!
The first thing to do was to order a drink. The all-you-can-drink menu was quite extensive.


Of course, first, a cold beer! It doesn’t start without it!


The first thing that came out was the salad.
Snow crab salad with homemade crab miso sauce


Ikiari snow crab salad.
The crabs are good, and above all, the youngsters are delicious.
The chewy texture is very good!

Next up was another gorgeous sushi roll with sea urchin and salmon roe.
It’s the famous grilled sea urchin. It was written that they buy from Tsukiji every day, but I wonder if it’s Toyosu now. It’s loaded with sea urchin, and it’s milky and delicious with no odor at all!


And the centerpiece, the teppanyaki of abalone.
It’s not such a big abalone, but it’s sauteed nicely and it’s delicious!


And the foie gras.
This was served by the chef as a dish of the day, so it might be a daily special.
Sea urchin, crab, salmon roe, abalone and foie gras. An on-going parade of luxury foods……..


And the next is the seasonal seafood grill.
Sauteed white fish. The asparagus is also delicious, and the fish is crispy and delicious.


And the seasonal fruit and fruit jellies.
A dish for a palate cleanser. The light fruit and sweetness will reset your taste buds.


And the main meat. Black Japanese beef sirloin steak.
I wasn’t asked anything in particular about this one, but it’s a fixed medium rare.

It looks a little poorly.
I wonder if it’s just the meat on the edge. A little bit of eggplant is the main dish^^
It’s a little disappointing that this is the main dish, though the taste is quite good.


So, I think it’s fried rice with takana.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

The atmosphere is good, but the content is a little too upscale, so I feel like I’m a little tired of it all. I guess it’s a good place to think of it as a stylish space with free flow. I thought to myself.

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