Roppongi “Kofeien” chicken stewed soba noodles


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I doubt I’ve ever been to this restaurant when I hadn’t had too much to drink the day before.
I’m starting to feel like it’s rude to do the opposite.


Whenever I stand in front of this sign, I’m so hungover that I can’t help but say I’m hungover.
Yes, I was hungover on this day too. I managed to make it through the morning, but when I’m worried about whether I’ll make it through the afternoon, I have no choice but to put chicken stew soba in my stomach.


鶏煮込みそば 1300円

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention the other menu items anymore.
Chicken stewed soba. I hear that curry is delicious and other authentic Chinese food is also delicious and various things, but I always end up with the chicken stewed soba every time.


The chicken stewed soba noodles take a little time to come out because the whole pot is well cooked. In the meantime, he waited while drinking water and enduring the symptoms of a hangover.
As I waited, the chicken stewed soba noodles appeared.

The green of the leaf is very good for the white thick pita soup.
In order to cure the hangover, you must first put soup in your stomach. The soup in the earthenware pot is hot, so I transferred it to a small plate and took a bite. It’s good. The rich chicken pancake soup soaks into the core of your body. Exactly the interval that wakes the stomach. And then the second and third bites. You can see your stomach start up with each successive dose. Noodles if your stomach wakes up.


The noodles are thin. It is very well cooked so it is soft. If you boil the noodles too much, it will look like this. It seems to be very good for digestion and can be easily eaten even by weak stomachs. The soft dokudoku touch is the best.

As I continued to eat like this, my physical condition started to recover little by little.
By the time I finish eating, my stomach somehow feels energized and I feel hungry.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Once again, I was saved by the chicken stewed soba noodles at Kahinoen.
I haven’t had such a good hangover recently, so I haven’t been there very often, but it’s been a while since I’ve been here and it’s delicious. I heard that this restaurant is open until midnight, so maybe I’ll try it to finish off my day after drinking before I have a hangover. I was able to wake up refreshed the next morning.

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