There’s a melting hamburger in Roppongi! “Fukuyoshi.


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A friend of mine told me about a hamburger steak restaurant called Fukuyoshi. I thought I had seen this restaurant before, but I think it was a tempura bar in front of me. I didn’t realize it was a hamburger’s! What’s more, what’s a “melting hamburger”? It raises expectations.


It’s hard to tell at first glance, but if you go up the stairs, you’ll see the shop.
Inside, it’s completely bar-like. I was the first one to sit at the end of the counter.


melt-in-the-mouth hamburger steak 1200円

Aged Harami Steak 1500円

Melting hamburger steak & aged harami steak 1480円


Melting hamburger steak and aged harami steak both look delicious.
This time, I made it a luxury combo where you can eat both.

Melting hamburger steak & aged harami steak

Make sure you know how to eat before the food comes in.


It seems to be a style of eating while baking by yourself.
I’m excited to make garlic rice at the end of this.

This hamburger was made by a man who claims to be the best hamburger in Japan, and is made with 100% black domestic wagyu beef without using any fillers. It is a style of grilling by yourself on a griddle that is lightly grilled on the surface and heated with solid fuel. The purpose is to condense the umami by heating it just before eating it. I’m looking forward to it!

In the meantime, a hamburger steak appeared!

It comes with harami, hamburger steak, rice, salad, miso soup and wasabi. The iron plate is at room temperature at first, and the solid fuel fire seems to warm it up gradually.


As soon as you hear a squeaking sound, cut the hamburger steak with chopsticks and grill the sides. And when it’s browned, it’s ready to eat!

It feels like it melts in your mouth, doesn’t it? It’s delicious. It’s pretty easy to fall apart because there’s no connection, but it seems to have the effect of making it harder to fall apart by heating the sides. And the harami one is tender and delicious! The delicious taste of the meat fills your mouth. If you overcook a hamburger steak, it will lose its fullness, so it’s better to eat it first.

And finally, a piece of hamburger steak left over to make your own garlic rice.
Leave about half the rice in the teacup and throw it into the griddle!


Sprinkle some garlic salt on it and fry it for a while, and you’ve got garlic rice! This one is good in this one!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I was very satisfied with the baking process and the taste.
I thought it was a good place to have lunch with a few people, as it was quite entertaining. I think it’s the kind of place you’d expect to find when you settle down again.

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