Delicious French cuisine at Osterley Suzuki for lunch in Akasaka

Osterley Suzuki

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It’s a French restaurant on Akasaka Street, about a 3-minute walk from Akasaka Sacas. Osterley Suzuki.”. I knew it was a famous restaurant, but I noticed that it recently reopened for lunch again, so I went and We decided to see.


Enter this entrance into the basement.


The shop is quite small and has a homey atmosphere^^


Standard Lunch A 1500 yen

Standard Lunch B 2000 yen

Healthy Vegetable Lunch 2000 yen

Special gourmet lunch 2500 yen


1,500 yen to 2,500 yen. There are different main dishes to choose from, but I want the red wine stewed beef cheeks! I had no choice but to choose the special gourmet lunch, so I ordered it!

Special Gourmet Lunch

The first thing that came up was homemade bread!


Accompanying it was a potato stomp.
I’d spread these on the bread and serve them together! It’s good.
Goes great with hot bread. I always eat too much bread, so I don’t want to eat bread in anticipation of the many dishes that will be served in the future. I left it in moderation.

And an appetizer.


Smoked salmon tiedo.
The marinated salmon is also smoked with cherry blossom chips. The lightly scented smoke is very pleasant. The fish is juicy and very tasty.

Incidentally, the person I went with ordered the pork and tree nut glacier terrine.


This one looks good too!
It’s a classic style terrine that is accented by the texture of gorged walnuts and raisins.

Then came the main dish.
I chose, of course, Japanese beef cheeks braised in melted red wine!

When you touch it with a fork, it’s pulled and trotted out.
The moment you put it in your mouth, it unravels into a hollow and melts. The cheeks were boiled for 8 hours in red wine with the excess oil removed from the meat. It’s a taste you can’t make at home. It goes well with bread. I’m so happy to be able to eat something this good in the afternoon!

And here is the daily fresh fish Hitosara.


This is fresh fish in a pie! This looked good too!
And you can choose from about three different types of cake for dessert.


This is a dark cherry cake.


This is the tea chiffon cake.
There are three kinds of desserts, and they are very hearty.


Finally, a cup of coffee and that’s it.

That was a delicious meal.

We ate a solid course from lunch, so we were very happy with our stomachs. +For an additional 1,000 yen, we had the Angus beef steak frites, which were also delicious! Yes! I was expecting a very cozy atmosphere when I heard the word “French”, but it is very homey and comfortable. It was an easy recommendation.

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