Oilsoba and Lebanime-Bammen for lunch at Akasaka Restaurant

Akasaka Restaurant

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The self-restraint was finally lifted and I was able to go to various restaurants.
When I was walking around Akasaka, one of the places I hadn’t wanted to eat in a while was Akasaka Restaurant. It’s a great Chinese restaurant where every menu item is insanely delicious! I especially like claypot meat, but I thought I hadn’t noticed it lately.


If these signs are up, that means they’re doing it!
I haven’t been able to come here at all during my self-restraint, so I’m really looking forward to it. The interior of the restaurant is the same as before, but when you go in, the customers are sparse. It’s nice not to be so crowded!


チャーシュー麺 1200円

油そば(マーボーナスバンメン) 1200円

油そば(マーボートーフバンメン) 1200円

油そば(レバニンメバンメン) 1200円

バンバンジー冷麺 1300円


The usual set meal is 1,100 yen and includes mapo tofu, claypot meat, and eight treasures, but today’s Instead of the usual claypot meat, we decided to try a noodle-based dish. I usually only eat hoikolo, but the claypot is so good that I can expect the rest! This time it’s fried liver and garlic sprouts in oil noodles, lebanin me bang bang!

levanine mebammen

Then, a short time later, the soup appeared.


This dark-colored soup is like ramen soup. It is very delicious.

And here’s what it’s all about.




When I took one of the garlic buds, it was crunchy and delicious.
The thick soy sauce-based flavor is the best.


The noodles are not so thick, they are elastic and firm.
I almost forgot to mention that this is an abura-soba, so I’ll do my best to mix it up when I’m done tasting it.


When mixed thoroughly, the noodles are coated with the lebanimeh sauce.
One bite of the noodle is very delicious.
The thick liver and the rich sauce mix well with the noodles and it is very tasty. I think I like it better than the specialty shops’ abura-soba. The texture of the noodles and the crunchy garlic sprouts give it a great taste.

I thought it would be pretty noodle-heavy, but when I started eating it, I wanted more! The food is so delicious. Once again, I thought this restaurant is delicious no matter what I eat.


By the way, this is the claypot meat. A guy I went with was eating it, so I was able to take a picture. I took a bite, but the claypot meat here is still the best! The claypot meat was also very good.

That was a delicious meal.

After the end of self-restraint, we enjoyed Akasaka Hotel to our heart’s content.
It was so easy to come in and the price was reasonable. As there is no Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood where everything served is delicious, this restaurant is very nice! I recommend it!

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