Take some back fat at Nogata Hope in Nakano!

Nogata Hope Nakano

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I just happened to pass by on my bike and saw Nogata Hope….. Does that sound familiar? When I looked at the clock, it was already past 14:00. We decided to eat here for lunch. There were no customers inside because the time was off from lunch time.


Buy a ticket at the ticket vending machine right at the entrance and go to the back of the counter.
While I was waiting for the ramen, I did some research and found out that it has nothing to do with “Hope House” in Sendagaya. I wonder if it’s an affiliate because they have a lot of back fat too. I had it all wrong!


Tomato Ramen 980 yen

Nogaho Koi 980 yen

Special made 1000 yen

Nogaho Hajime 850 yen

Yaki gyoza 400 yen


Since this is my first time, I chose “Nogaho Hajime”.
When I ordered, I was able to choose the amount of back fat from “no oil”, “light”, “normal”, “rich” or “thick”, but I chose “rich”.

Nogaho Hajime

Check the seasonings on the desk before coming to the ramen.


Vinegar, pepper, chili oil, soy sauce. You’ve got a good supply of common seasonings!

And then came the ramen.
Then, “Do you want some garlic? That’s the question! Of course I want it! To which I replied, mashed garlic and garlic appeared! I’m so happy for you!

The ingredients are chashu, menma, egg, leek, onion, and nori!
And then the back fat that seems to cover the soup! Take a sip of the soup, and you’ll find a rich pork-soy sauce-based soup with plenty of sweet back fat. It soaks into your tired body. It’s good.


The thick and elastic noodles are well covered with soup and fat.
This delicious ramen has the feel of The Fatty Tokyo Ramen, and after eating it for a while, it tastes like bliss when you add crushed garlic. If you add garlic, you can’t go back to the taste and flavor you had before, so it’s best to add it in the middle!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I think I feel a little more energetic when I eat a lot of fat! I understand that eating too much is probably bad for you, but I also understand that you eat too much in a hurry. I thought I’d stop by again when I passed by.

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