Kozushi, Roppongi, delicious lunch of three color rice bowl


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If you go down the slope toward Roppongi and Nishiazabu, you’ll see the sign “Uoko”, a fish restaurant with the atmosphere of a fish shop. At first glance, you might think it’s called Uoko, but the name of the restaurant is Kozushi. A lot of people seem to have it all wrong.


It is highly recommended to leave early if you want to go there for sure. If you can wait, it may be relatively always good.


三色丼 1400円

海鮮丼 1400円

ヅケ丼 1600円

たら煮付け 1350円

クロムツ照り焼き 1400円

サバ塩焼き 1350円


Sanshoku-donburi changes daily, but this day’s
Bachi tuna medium fatty tuna, wild yellowtail and sea bream. I’m not sure if there is a staple in the middle of the lineup for a mid-toro or a natural player. The order of the day was, of course, a three-color rice bowl.

Rice bowl

Wait a while.
Because it is a counter, you can see the clerk quickly slicing sashimi and making sanshoku-don. Stuff the rice with vinegar, spread the nori, cut the saké and place it on top of the vinegar rice. And then the Sanshoku-don is complete!

Although it is called a sanshoku-don, it is actually a shikoku-don because it contains leek and minced pork.
From the bottom: sea bream, left: medium fatty tuna, top: negitoro and right: yellowtail.
It comes with simmered fish and pickles as a garnish.

Dissolve cucumber and wasabi in a soy sauce dish and pour it over the dish.
The harmony of vinegared rice, soy sauce and wasabi is the best. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to have any seafood to make a seafood bowl. The fresh fillet is added to it and it is even more delicious. The good thing about this restaurant is that they are very particular about their catch, so every fish is delicious.

The shiso is also good.
The refreshing scent spreads and it’s a good feeling. It occurred to me that sushi with shiso may be tasty, but it looks like it’s already there.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It is turned speedily and handily. I’m impressed that the customers also eat quickly and go out quickly. There aren’t many restaurants around here where you can have a good seafood bowl at a reasonable price for lunch, so I think it’s a good place to remember that. Incidentally, I heard that they were running a seafood pub in the evening.

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