Delicious Pizza at Napule, the Italian restaurant in Tokyo Midtown


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Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, where shops have been opening gradually since June 1. I heard that they were reopening here and there, so we decided to go there right after the opening. We found an Italian restaurant while we were looking for something to eat.


It’s called “Napule”. I had never been in there before, so I went in.
First of all, you have to take a temperature test. They only allow people with masks on, so it was a good measure.
There was a choice of going inside or outside on the terrace, but it was hot outside, so we went inside!
We had a couple of guests later, but they all went outside. Thank goodness it wasn’t too dense!


Weekday Lunch A (Pasta) 1400 yen

Weekday Lunch B (Pizza) 1600 yen


Pizza is margherita, cichinieri, diavola and chicory. Pasta with tomato sauce, baby sardines and small tomatoes, pancetta and green peas in cream sauce. It seems that the type of food changes from day to day. I heard this is a place famous for pizza, so I ordered the diavola this time!

Weekday Lunch B (Diavola)

The first thing that came out was a salad.


Look! These fresh vegetables! You can tell this salad looks delicious just by looking at it.
The salad is just as crisp and tasty as it looks, with a tart dressing and vegetables that are as crisp and tasty as they look. The chemistry was perfect. This can be expected to be the main thing after this.

And the baked pizza.
It came out relatively quickly, which was impressive.

Mmm. Looks perfectly delicious.
It’s a simple composition of tomato sauce, dry salami and mozzarella cheese.


Try one and it’s perfectly delicious!
Melted mozzarella cheese and sour and tasty tomato sauce. The slightly tangy salami brings the whole thing together. And the rich dough is delicious to the ears. I’ve never had a pizza that was so simple, yet so delicious, and so thoroughly delicious. Maybe it’s been a while. I heard they’re famous for their pizza, and I’m sure that’s true!

And here’s our lunch bolognese and mozzarella cheese lasagna!
It was limited to twelve meals, but we got there pretty early, so we were safe!


It looked insanely delicious and I got a bite, and the bolognese was rich and amazing. I was very impressed with the taste of this dish, which is something I would never be able to make at home. This might be one dish I’d love to try even if it’s limited to 12 meals. The pizza is good, but the lasagna is also very good.

And after dinner, espresso.
It’s so thick, it wakes me up! Overall, I was pleased with the course.

That was a delicious meal.

The pizza and bolognese were both very good.
It was very hot that day so we didn’t go outside, but if it was a little cooler, we could have a glass of wine on the terrace. I thought it would be nice to pick some snacks while you’re at it! I will definitely go back.

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