Yaki-soba with pork sauce at Eirin, the original “Sour Tanmen” in Akasaka


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Eirin” is the birthplace of Sour Tanmen in Akasaka. I wanted to try sura tangmen, so I decided to go there. How does the original sura tangmen from a long-established restaurant taste like? The exterior of the restaurant is quite grave with a sense of longevity.


Soba with pork sauce 1,200 yen

Original Sour Tanmen 1,200 yen

Pork Ankake Yakisoba 1,000 yen

Dumplings 1,000yen


You don’t need to look at a menu like this.
Just choose the original Sour Tanmen!

But when I looked at the menu, the pork fried noodles with ankake sauce looked very tasty. It was a little hot outside when I arrived, so I’d rather have ankake yakisoba than hot sura-tanmen. Okay? I thought. I made the decision not to ask for sour tangmen at the original sour tangmen restaurant!

fried noodles with pork sauce

Here’s the yakisoba with pork sauce that appeared a short time later.

Mmm. Looks delicious.
I knew it was the right decision to make Yakisoba with pork sauce.
I think people are happiest when they eat what they want to eat!

Sip on a dollop of vinegar and hot peppers!


Mmm. It’s delicious.
Although the sauce is quite oily, you can eat it very lightly with vinegar and red pepper. The taste is very tasty with a gentle seasoning. The bamboo shoots and pork go pretty well together! The noodles are soft with a crispy surface. The difference in texture between the surface and the inside is a nice touch.

By the way, the gyoza.
They were priced at 1,000 yen for four pieces, but I ordered them.


The gyoza came out as a rather large, plump gyoza.
When we took a bite, it was very delicious. The outer skin is a little thick and chunky. The juices are pouring out of the inside.


There’s more than enough in there! And it is packed with meat.
It’s pretty voluminous, so you’ll be pretty full after eating four of them.

I was pleased with the volume and taste of the food, which was worth the price.


By the way, this is fried rice! This looks good too!

That was a delicious meal.

I didn’t think I’d ever get the feeling that I wasn’t going to eat Sour Tanmen in Ronglin, but none of them. It was delicious and very satisfying. I was pleasantly surprised that the dumplings I ordered on a whim were better than I expected. Next time I wanted to go for the sour tanmen.

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