Shanghai dim sum at the long-established Chinese restaurant “IshinGo” in Kioicho 


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IshinGo is a Chinese restaurant located right in front of the Hotel New Otani in Kioi-cho.
At first glance, it’s hard to get in, but are they doing it? I went to the front of the shop and he came out. We decided to eat it because we had gone to great lengths.


It was early, so the shop was completely rented out!


fried rice with seafood sauce 2200円

The Restoration Edition Lunch, 2100 yen

Holiday Shanghai dim sum course 2600 yen


The lunches are reasonably priced. I couldn’t decide which one to take, so I went with the Shanghai dim sum course this time!

Holiday Shanghai Dim Sum Course

Condiments on the table! Vinegar, soy sauce and chili pepper.


The first thing that came out was an assortment of appetizers.


Chashu, jellyfish and cucumber.
All of them are tasteful and delicious. I thought I’d drink early because it was lunch, but it was so good that I couldn’t resist ordering some Shaoxing wine.


Shaoxing wine goes well with Chinese food!

Next is Harumaki with pork and vegetables.


When was the last time I ate a spring roll… I didn’t think I would eat it in my daily life, but I took a bite of it and it was delicious. There are many ingredients in the crispy thin skin. I thought it would be greasy, but it wasn’t, and it was easy to eat.

And three kinds of steamed dim sum.

They are all freshly steamed and hot. I eat it with a huff and puff.
The glutinous crust and the elegantly tasty ingredients inside go very well together.

And a dish of vegetables.


This dish is like a vegetable sauce. This is an elegant dish with a gentle taste and a strong sweetness of vegetables. It’s good.

Next, seafood rolls are fried.


It’s amazing that it doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Dumplings with shark’s fin.


Even the shark fin is served at 2600 yen!
It’s amazing how many items are available and the contents are gorgeous.

And then there’s xolongbao.
It’s easy to eat because I’ve already had Renhua put it for me.


Needless to say, it’s very hot, so be careful.


Meat wontons soup.
The soup is very soft and delicious. The texture is amazing.
The texture of the wontons and the delicious taste of the meat are the best.

And at the end, you can choose between Shanghai yakisoba and fried rice.
One by one, I’ve chosen both!


This one is also tastefully seasoned and delicious. The glutinous noodles and soy sauce flavor are delicious!


And this is fried rice!

And finally, there’s dessert.


Apricot tofu and coconut buns!


It’s delicious, but I’m full^^

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It’s 2,600 yen for this much volume.
It’s very tasty, so I’m very satisfied with the high price tag. If it’s this good for a lunch course, you can pretty much expect a leisurely evening course. I thought I might go there when the world settled down.

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