Sushi Aoi in Akasaka is now open for lunch… but…

Sushi Aoi

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I went there once before in the evening and it was delicious, so I decided to go there when I saw the sign that they were open for lunch. Inside, there are two or three private rooms at the counter.


There were no customers at all, just me and a couple of other people.


握り(葵) 1200円

握り(寿) 1800円

Since it was said that it was 1,800 yen for a 10-piece + roll, I decided to go that way.
This is a lie, so please note that it was exactly 7 pieces, an egg, miso soup, and a sushi roll.


The one who stood awkwardly in front of me was, by all accounts, in training!
I had my doubts.
Well, some places do that for lunch. One dish at a time.


First of all, the flounder’s kombu jime.
It’s usually tight and delicious.


Next is a trout. The fact that it’s not salmon but trout makes it look like lunch!
But it was fatty and tasty.


Red shrimp. It was melt-in-your-mouth and tasty, but the crunchy texture was still there, which was a shame. I ate all of it while jiggling.


Chutoro. This is the part next to the bone, isn’t it? I don’t see this shape often, but it tastes good.

And this is the red meat. In fact, this is the best part of this course.


Scallops are next.


And a boiled anago.


And then an omelet came out.


Miso soup.


how much?
It’s a half-piece. It would be better not to give out such a lonely amount of money^^


It ends with a scroll.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Hmmm. The gap to the night is too big………
To be honest, 1,800 yen is a bit much. The sushi itself is basically normal, but there were some prawns and a small salmon roe that were not well prepared, but when I counted the photos, there were only 7 of them (if you add an egg and miso soup, it would be exactly 10 dishes), and a customer who came later had to take the last of them out (the clerk next to me was better at it!

Overall, it was a disappointing lunch.

I don’t think I’ll ever go again.

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