The Ethiopian curry “drowat” is delicious! Akasaka “Safari


Read more about the safari here.

Safari” is a mysterious shop on the way from Akasaka Station to Akasaka Mitsuke Station.
There was one sign that said “Ethiopian curry”, and there were many other menu items such as “African rice”, but the atmosphere was fishy.


Still, I’ve never had an Ethiopian curry, so I’m curious!
So, I decided to go there. When you go up the stairs…


The door is closed, making it even more suspicious.
You need to have the courage to open it, but when you open it, it feels foreign.


The clerk is of African descent, but she is fluent in Japanese!


dorowat 900円

Mixed bean curry 850円

mixed beef curry 950円

African rice 890円

chicken curry 700円

beef curry 750円


African rice is also a concern, but this time I decided to go for the Ethiopian charredrawat. The spiciness is calming. I added Ethiopian coffee as well.


The first thing that appeared after a while was a salad.


It’s really just a regular salad, but today it’s on the house! So they upgraded it to a bean salad that goes great with Drouat!

It has a unique flavor, but it’s delicious.
This salad is chopped with beans and is very mellow. The softness of the beans and the texture of the crispy onions are very interesting.
It was supposed to lighten the spiciness, so I’ll leave a bit of it until the drowat arrives. And here comes Dorowat!

This is Dorowat Curry!
It’s pretty red with a slice of egg on it.
Usually, spicy food with egg slices on it is pretty spicy, isn’t it?


Chicken! It was stewed to a slight degree and it was good.
The flavor is quite strong and punchy. It’s a little spicy to be honest! But there’s a deliciousness in it, and this is delicious. This bright red color is said to be a barbare, an Ethiopian spice. Hmmm. This! I can’t express how good it is, but I’m sure it’s very good. The rice that comes with it is probably saffron rice.


It goes really well with this rice.
It’s a spicy but delicious curry that’s addictive.
It was very tasty and I ate it all at once while sweating.

And afterwards, Ethiopian coffee.


Is it a coffee stalk that is sticking in?
This is the first time I’ve had Ethiopian coffee and it’s good.
It smells very good and is very rich.
It was the interval where the spiciness receded firmly as written.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I entered this restaurant by accident, but it’s a very nice restaurant.
The food is good, and the staff is friendly and fun to talk to!
The first time you go in, you need to be brave, but once you get there, it’s a very nice space and I recommend it! Let’s do it next night!

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