Hanzawa”, a nostalgic Chinese noodle shop in Nishisugamo


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I was about to have lunch in Nishisugamo when I happened to pass by a shop called Hanzawa. It looks like a typical ramen restaurant. There is a food ticket machine right inside the restaurant, so you can buy a food ticket there and take a seat.


There were about two groups of customers inside, and the place was quite empty.


Chinese noodles 780 yen

Chinese soba noodles with boiled egg 880 yen

Negi Soba 900 yen

Wontonsoba 950 yen

Chashu Soba 1000 yen


I was curious about the “Chuka-soba”, which is also the name of the restaurant, so I decided to try it.
I’m sure it’s the old-fashioned Chinese noodles with soy sauce. and imagination.

Chinese-style soba noodles with boiled egg

After waiting for a while, the Chinese noodles appeared.

Hmmm. It’s good.
The first taste is the old-fashioned Chinese noodles themselves.
The gentle broth and soy sauce soak into your stomach.


The noodles are medium-thin and shriveled, with a chunky texture that goes well with the gentle soy sauce soup of Chinese noodles. It’s delicious with a good old-fashioned feel!

Looking at the ingredients, the egg is well seasoned and the chashu meat is not too greasy. The saltiness of the soup does not interfere with the taste, which is very good. The menma is crunchy and crunchy in texture. All of them are very comfortable.

I almost drank the whole soup in the end, but I was patient!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I was surprised by the unexpectedly good taste of this restaurant.
I am glad that I found a good restaurant with good old-fashioned and unpretentious Chinese noodles.
As a matter of fact, I can’t come here often when I’m in Nishi-Sugamo, but next time I’m in the vicinity, I’d like to take a peek. It was delicious!

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