Newly opened tonkatsu “Tonkatsu Kokon” in Akasaka

Tonkatsu Kokon

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I found “Tonkatsu Kokon” when I was looking for lunch around Akasaka Mitsuke.
I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like it before. It was early and there were no customers at all, so I decided to try it.


I think it’s probably a new opening…………
I don’t think there’s ever been such a bright blue noren.


Limited to 10 portions, 1100 yen

Limited to 10 portions of fillet 1100 yen

Carefully selected brand pork loin, 1400 yen

Selected brand pork fillet 1400 yen

TOKYO-X loin 1800 yen

TOKYO-X fillet 1800 yen


They are carefully selected brand pigs and TOKYO-X brand pigs.
If you’re the first one to enter the restaurant, you might want to try the 1100 yen loin tonkatsu, which is limited to 10 servings! So, I ordered it.

Limited to 10 portions of loin

I ordered a limited-edition loin! The first thing that came out was the cabbage.


I tried eating it with the dressing on my desk.
Crispy, crunchy and sweet cabbage. Cabbage is solid and delicious! I’m glad they asked for a refill as soon as they were done eating!

And then the tonkatsu appeared.

Beautiful golden tonkatsu. It’s like a small piece of paper!
The batter is just standard with fine breadcrumbs. The tonkatsu, which is crispy and beautifully fried, is somehow nostalgic. The thickness of the meat is just right, and it’s just like the top of a normal tonkatsu. These days, thick and large tonkatsu are popular, but this kind of tonkatsu is also good!

The crispy batter and the loin, which does not contain too much fat, are perfect for rice. The tonkatsu was very good.

Myoga is in the red soup and it is a fresh miso soup.
The flavor of the red soup and the freshness of myoga may be addictive.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

This was my first time here and the tonkatsu was delicious.
I think it’s very rare to find such a good tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant, so I’d like to visit them again. I’d like to try the expensive menu, but I think the tonkatsu is probably better than the expensive brand-name pork cutlets.

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