Order from homeworks, a delicious hamburger restaurant in Azabu Juban


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I’ve heard that Homeworks was the first gourmet burger restaurant in Japan to offer gourmet burgers, but when I found out that their burgers were available for delivery, I decided to try it out! The hamburger here is thick and juicy and delicious.


Hamburger 990 yen

Teriyaki Burger 1090 yen

Bacon burger 1090 yen

BLT Sandwich 1040yen

Clubhouse sandwich 1690 yen

The menu is almost the same as the eat-in one.
I decided to order a sandwich, which I hadn’t eaten before. The clubhouse is already sold out! You’re so popular!

Burgers, clubhouse sandwiches.

Make a reservation to come in at lunch and order!
We got a call a while later to say we were going to be a little late, but we arrived almost on time!


It’s a nice green box in a stylish paper bag!


When you open the box, it comes with fries, onion rings, and a burger set. I’m glad they have ketchup on them together!


It’s quite a big meal, isn’t it?
And this is the hamburger.


The lettuce is crispy, fresh and delicious. The tartness of the tomatoes and the savory aroma of the meaty patty are the best match. The juiciness remained firm!
It’s quite lumpy as it may look!

The onion rings are delicious with soft, sweet onions in a crunchy batter!
While I was worried about the calories, I ate both the potatoes and the onion rings.

And this is the BLT sandwich.

Hmmm. Yummy! It looks great first.
Crispy lettuce and tomatoes on the fragrant, meaty bacon. The bread is soft and sticky, the surface is baked and crispy, and it’s very delicious.

I had just eaten a hamburger, but I just ate it. I’m a little more impressed with the sandwiches than the burgers!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I’ve never eaten a sandwich before when I went to the store, so I felt like I was losing money until now! The next time I go to a restaurant, I’m going to order a sandwich because the sandwich is so good! Let’s eat at the clubhouse that was sold out.

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