TOMIRAI”, a seafood ramen restaurant in Yoyogi


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I had plans to visit a ramen shop near Yoyogi, but I missed lunch there, so I walked around the station and found a ramen shop that was open! Its name is also “TOMIRAI”. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I thought it was a boat to cross. This is the Yoyogi branch of a shop called Tomira Ihonpo in Ueno.


There seemed to be a counter and a second floor, but the counter was empty, so I went to the counter. It was late and the time was right now, so there didn’t seem to be any customers, but maybe they were upstairs? It may be.


特製魚介らぁめん 900円

特製戸みら伊らぁめん 900円

四川担々麺 900円

つけ麺 900円


We decided to try the name of the restaurant, Tōmira Iharahara ramen. When you take a seat, there is a separate menu. Maybe I should have seen this first.


Tokusai Tomirai Ramen

While we wait a while, check the seasonings!
There was one unfamiliar item, so I checked it out…!


Ginger! If you add a teaspoon of red bean soup, you can enjoy the soup until the end. Beware of putting too much in! There was also a caveat that said. Fun.

And then, the ramen noodles appeared!

I took a sip of the soup and found that the fish and pork bones and soy sauce in the mild soup were very good.


The ingredients are potherb mustard, a flavored egg, and plenty of chashu under the green onions, which is quite gorgeous!


The noodles are thick and sticky. The noodles are as good as the strong pork bone seafood soup!
Overall, the ramen was well balanced and tasty.

And the seasoning I found earlier, ginger! If you add a teaspoon of ginger, the aroma of ginger will refresh you and give you a different taste. This is delicious in its own way.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I just happened to find it and went in quickly, but it was more delicious and satisfying than I expected! It was so good that I wanted to try the taste of the original one in Ueno, so I thought I’d like to stop by if I remember the next time I’m in Ueno.

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