Akasaka, lunch at Wachi (tuna bowl only)


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Wachi is a tuna bowl restaurant in Akasaka that is open for lunch on weekdays only.
I remembered that it was open for business, so I went to eat it.
I went early, so of course I was the only customer.


It’s upstairs here. It’s a short walk up the elevator and a short walk up the stairs.
I suggest you take the elevator up! If you take the stairs, the back door feels very strong.


Tuna bowl 1,200 yen


Lunch is only 1,200 yen for tuna bowl!
It comes out when you sit down, but you are only asked how much rice you want, so you answer.
There are small, regular and large portions.

Tuna bowl

There is one seat at the counter and one small tatami room that seats four people.
It’s a small shop, so if you don’t come early, it will be filled up soon.

After waiting for a while, this is what came out.

The tuna is mainly leek, lean, and medium fatty tuna. There are so many juicy, thick and delicious looking tuna on there that you can’t even see the rice! And it comes with pickles and miso soup!

Pour soy sauce on a small plate, dissolve wasabi and sprinkle it on the plate.


The tuna is thick and rich in flavor. The deliciousness of the tuna is very pronounced.
The freshness and freshness of the fruit comes through very well.
This is a teppo-don with tuna that is firm and delicious. The melt-in-your-mouth tuna meat is excellent.
The rice is vinegar rice, which goes well with the tuna, and the saltiness is so good that you can eat it as much as you like. However, you can still be satisfied with the regular portion, so if you’re not confident, I recommend the regular portion!

The ginger and egg are the strongest when eaten in between the rich tuna.
The gari was so well pickled that I wanted to buy it and take it home.

The taste has not changed at all and I was very satisfied with it.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

This is a teppo-don for lunch, which is only open from Tuesday to Friday on weekdays.
I think it’s rare to find a restaurant that serves such a solid teppo-don for lunch.
The seats are few and far between, and by the time you leave, the seats are almost full, so it’s best to get there early.

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