Hot Pepper 2″, a homey Thai restaurant right next to Akasaka Junior High School.

Hot Pepper 2

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Hot Pepper 2 is an old Thai restaurant located on a steep slope between Akasaka Elementary School and Akasaka Junior High School. I thought it would be quite difficult to get in because of its unique atmosphere, but I decided to try it out this time.


This Thai restaurant has a very authentic feel to it. When you enter, the smell of Thai food such as nam pla and so on wafting in the air will whet your appetite. Inside, the interior is luxurious and Thai-like.


A gorgeous golden elephant tapestry? It’s cool.


Green curry of chicken + rice 850円

fried chicken with basil + rice 850円

fried chicken with ginger 850円

Thai-style yakisoba 850円

Tom Yum Ramen 850円

Thai-style ramen 850円

タイ風チャーハン 850円


All the basic Thai food is available. I’m always torn between gapao and pad thai, but this time (I feel like I’m always eating gapao), I’ll take gapao!

fried chicken with basil + rice(ガパオ)

The first thing that came was a salad and soup.


We waited for a while while eating here. The soup is quite satisfying with a lot of ingredients.
And after a while, Gapao appeared.

The image is that the spiciness is suppressed and everyone can easily eat it. The spiciness is suppressed, but the smell of nam pla is a bit strong. The amount of soup is quite large, so it might be good for this. Gapao seems to have a lot of ingredients and fried egg on top of rice, but it was served on a flat plate, so it looked a little fresh.


Then came the drink, iced coffee.
The owner of this restaurant is very polite and very friendly, so I was able to enjoy my meal very much! I had no idea the place was so homey and comfortable.

I wish I had known about it earlier.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It was difficult to get in because of the appearance of the shop, but it was very nice to realize that such a shop is often full of humanity and is very comfortable.

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