Roppongi Hills Lunch Revives, First Time in Years at Bairan

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All of the restaurants in Roppongi Hills that were closed due to the Corona fiasco are now open. The state of emergency in Tokyo has been lifted and some of the restaurants are now open, so I took a peek. They are open from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It looks like they are opening a little bit, but all the shops are open from 17:00 I wonder if they don’t do lunch because it was there? I thought, “Ume-ran” was available, so I decided to go there.

When I took a peek inside, the place was deserted. It was a little out of time for lunch, so we entered the restaurant, wondering if that was the case. I occupied a large seat all by myself!


梅蘭焼きそば 946円

牛肉入り辛口梅蘭焼きそば 1320円

海鮮入り梅蘭焼きそば 1760円

A定食(蟹肉レタスチャーハン) 1000円

B定食(牛バラ肉のカレー風タンメン) 1000円

C定食(豚肉の黒豆炒め) 1210円

D定食(海鮮三品炒め) 1210円


Bai-rang is also known as Bai-rang Yakisoba. And yet
I don’t think I’ve ever had anything other than Meiran yakisoba before.
I’m determined to try a different menu for once!

This time I decided to make the A set meal, crab lettuce fried rice.

A set meal (fried rice with crab meat and lettuce)

I waited for a while and here’s what came out.

Glad to see the crab meat is more solid than you thought it would be!
When you take a bite, the taste is quite strong and the fat content seems to be quite high.
The rice is a little hard. The rice was a little hard. It was more of a fatty coating than an egg coating. Overall, it was a good fried rice.


It’s quite a bit of food, and it gets a little bit heavier as you go along.
Finished with the accompanying egg soup!

That was a delicious meal.

I guess fried rice is not a bad option if you think of it as a general Chinese cuisine, but after all, Meiran is Meiran yakisoba. Next time I go there, I’ll be more submissive and ask for the Ume-rang fried noodles. I promised myself that next time I go back, I will order the Meiran Yaki-soba without any hesitation. I promised myself that the next time I go back, I will order the Ume-rang fried noodles without hesitation.

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