Yakitori “Kokorikoan” at Metro Hat, Roppongi


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A new yakitori restaurant “Kokorikoan” in the Metro Hat in Roppongi Hills. There was a yakitori restaurant in the past, but it was a similar yakitori specialty restaurant. I hadn’t been to Metro Hut recently, so I didn’t realize there was such a shop there, but I decided to go there since I had a chance.


My first impression when I entered the restaurant was that the lighting was bright.


大山どりの親子丼上 1000円

大山どりの親子丼極 1200円

大山どりの親子丼塩 1000円

焼き鳥丼(昼限定) 1400円


The yakitori-don is limited to lunch.
I tried the yakitori-don (yakitori rice bowl) because it is a yakitori restaurant.
I heard that Hills Benefit Club members get a 200 yen discount.
Even if you order a large portion, it’s cheaper than a normal person’s portion^^.

Yakitori-don (large portion)

I ended up making a big platter of it!
After waiting for a while, here is the one that appeared.

A big yakitori is put on the rice, and it looks delicious.
Five Yakitori skewers, a quail, a tsukura, a negi-yaki, a shishito-yaki, and a large chunk of chicken are all included.

It also comes with equipment to remove it from the skewer.
I’ve never seen anything like it. I want this to be a must have in a pub! I didn’t know such a useful thing existed.


It comes off the skewer so neatly when you use the device.

The sweet sauce, the slightly burnt aroma, and the tender chicken are all very tasty. Yakitori goes well with rice.

On the table, there are seven kinds of chili peppers and sansho.

If I had to raise one request, it would have been great if they had poured a little more sauce on the rice because it was a big bowl of rice.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I’m glad they opened a new one because I thought it would be a shame if the yakitori place disappeared! If you put a large portion of yakitori-don on top of it, it will be quite bulky and quite full, so be careful. If you’re a Hills Benefit person, I’m jealous that this is a cheap meal!

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