Gutsuri-type Tsukemen Restaurant in Ikebukuro, Tokyo “Miharu”


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The gutsuri ramen and Tsukemen restaurant “Miharu” in Ikebukuro. I heard that it reads “Miharu” in Japanese. I just happened to pass by and decided to stop by because it looked delicious. It is said that there is a special ramen called “Jiro” which is very interesting.


This is a restaurant that serves rich fish ramen, and Jiro is of course a Jiro-type ramen.
The last time I went to “Setagaya”, I had a great time at Uiro Ramen, so I had high expectations!


The shop has a long counter that extends to the back.
They say that they don’t use any chemical seasonings at all at Blaku, so it’s amazing that there are no chemical seasonings in the Jiro line. It looks good for your body and it’s very good.


あぶらそば味玉付き 830円

次郎のまぜそば 850円

らーめん 830円

ちゃあしゅうめん 1130円

わんたんめん 1030円


The winter limited Jiro Ramen comes in white, red, and black and looks very tasty, but it was quite sunny and hot on this day, so I thought I’d go for the Tsukemen rather than the Ramen. So I decided to have Jiro’s mazesoba.

Jiro’s Mixed Soba

The seasoning looks like this.


One flavor, pepper, vinegar, hot oil, Tabasco and homemade leek oil.
As I was looking at it, Jiro’s mixed noodles appeared.

You can see that the garlic is firmly attached with the dish!
Minced garlic. If this was chopped garlic, it would have been great.


The ingredients are bean sprouts, cabbage, ginger, fried egg and chashu cubes. Add the egg yolks and stir all at once, while making sure the garlic has three spoonfuls.


The noodles aren’t very thick, but they go well with the soup.
The garlic in the noodle is very effective to the brain. It’s good that it doesn’t feel so persistent because the seafood flavor comes after it. Overall, I feel like this is a well-balanced mixed noodle.

He ate his way to the end with a glass of cold water. It’s good.
The salt content isn’t that strong, so the ramen didn’t feel like it was bad for you.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

We just happened to be in the shop, but we were lucky enough to find a good one.
I was tempted to try the winter Jirozen series because of the deliciousness of the mixed noodles, but it’s already spring, so I don’t think I can make it in time. I thought I’d go again if I remembered it the next winter.

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