Lamb Mapo Tofu at Kita-Sakaba’s newly opened restaurant in Akasaka


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This is another one that opened at a very difficult time.
I came to the store on the first day it opened with the intention of going there once to support them. Kita-Sakaba is a restaurant that uses ingredients from Hokkaido. It seems that this place was originally a meat and bone tea……..


Well, since it was this time of year, there were no customers at all, but we went in!
The smell of the new shop is a nice touch. The table has a faucet and you can pour as much sour or beer as you like. If you come here for a drink, it looks like you will have a lot of fun.


There are many Hokkaido-like things on the night menu.

The owner of the restaurant used to work at a grocery store in Sapporo, and they serve seafood and vegetables directly from Hokkaido.


salmon roe on rice 900円

vegetable curry 900円

Hokkaido mapo-don 900円

Genghis Khan set meal 900円


Hmmm. You don’t have a bowl of only salmon eggs, do you? How about putting something else on top and having an ikura bowl? The first time this restaurant opened, they didn’t seem to have any ingredients, so there were only salmon roe bowl, curry and mapo, but this time I went with mapo bowl because I was curious about the two types.

Hokkaido Marbo-don

After waiting for a while, this is what came out.

It came out in a sushi vat. This is fresh in this way^^.
Ma Bo Tofu is a common houseplant. It’s not spicy, but it’s a bit sludgy with a little bit of potato starch. The seasoning is normal but the smell of lamb comes through in a fluffy way. There is a lot of eggplant in the dish, but the flavor is not soaked, so it might not go well with rice.

I think it would have been interesting if this was vinegared rice or something like that, but hmmm.
I think 900 yen is a bit high. It was a bit more disappointing than I had imagined.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

We left the restaurant thinking that we should have eaten the salmon roe bowl if it was like this.
It’s a bit weak as a menu at this time of year for a restaurant.
However, since there is a possibility of winning at night rather than at lunch, it is better to try all-you-can-drink at night. But until the ruckus is over, I’ll hold out.

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