Ramen Izakaya “Genso Sapporo Ya” in Tameike-sanno

Genso Sapporo Ya

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The ramen restaurant “Genso Sapporo Ya” is located on the side of ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tameike-sanno. As the sign says “Ramen Izakaya”, it is open until 4am. This time, we decided to go for ramen for lunch.


I’ve been wondering about it for a long time, but I haven’t had a chance to go
I was very much interested in this restaurant because of the sign that says “rich white miso ramen”.
Inside, there are table seats in the front and a counter in the back.
At lunchtime, it was quite crowded and I got the impression that it was very popular.


濃厚白味噌らーめん 830円

濃厚白味噌野菜らーめん 900円

濃厚味噌スープカリーらーめん 900円

担々麺 800円

排骨麺 850円


The standard is the thick white miso ramen.
First of all, I ordered the white miso ramen with a big sign on it!

Dense White Miso Ramen

Here’s the one I came to after a while.

White soup as the name of white miso suggests.
I took a sip and wondered if the soup was a little thinner than a normal miso ramen soup. My thoughts on this. The ingredients on the plate are vegetables, chashu, and flavored balls.


I wonder if the noodles are egg noodles? The noodles are much softer.
Overall, I had the impression that the seasoning was somehow blurry, but
I enjoyed it normally.
As a ramen after drinking, it doesn’t taste too strong, so it seems to be good for your body.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Thick White Miso Ramen, could it be a little richer? I thought, “I’m not going to be able to do this”, but this was delicious. The amount of food was quite large and I was full, so I could see why so many salarymen come here for lunch!

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