Tantanmen noodle of Beijing restaurant “Hokkai-en” of Nishiazabu


When you walk from Nishiazabu junction to Aoyama, you can find the shop of a red signboard.

The name of the shop “Hokkai-en”

old restaurant


There was a big parrot, but is not at the entrance now in old days. 🙁

A lot of signatures of a politician and the celebrity are put on the neighborhood of the cash register.

This shop. It seems to be the Tokyo’s first Beijing dish restaurant.

Calm atmosphere

A lunch Menu

There are many menus.


  • Aランチ 回鍋肉 934円
  • Bランチ アスパラと鶏肉の炒めもの 934円
  • Cランチ 貝柱とナスの炒め 934円
Noodles, rice set


  • 点心セット 973円
  • 麺、飯セット 937円
    • 酢辛味そば
    • 担々麺
    • 叉焼麺
    • 鶏そば
    • 麻婆丼
    • 蟹肉チャーハン
    • 五目炒飯
    • チャーシュー入りレタス焼飯
    • 豚肉の醤油焼飯

There is the most quantity of “Noodle, rice set”.

“Noodle, rice set”(五目チャーハン、担々麺)

I cannot win the temptation of the volume menu after all.

It was decided in “Noodle, rice set”.

zha cai


At first Zha cai came out.

It is delicious, but it is only a bit tight.

Fried rice!

Rich fried rice is delicious and delicious.

The taste of chashuw and soy sauce is working firmly.

It is also a nice point that a large shrimp is included in a single one.

Tantanmen noodles, appearance.

Here is the taste of the royal road.

I feel nostalgic somewhere.


Spicy is not that strong, just right.

I’m afraid I’m drinking soup that tastes sesame flavor and richness.

Noodles are straight.


Noodle also reached usual noodles. I think that it is a delicious tantanmen noodle with a sense of stability.

Thank you for the meal

There are not many Chinese restaurants in this neighborhood, so it is priceless.


It will be full with salaried workmen at lunchtime.

There are many seats, so it seems that there will be no crowding but it is better to come early.

Thank you for reading this blog, everyone 🙂