“Grill Manten-hoshi Azabu Juban”, a long-established Western-style curry shop in Azabu Juban

Grill Manten-hoshi Azabu Juban

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I had some drinks left over from the day before, and I wanted to have curry… so I took a walk around Azabu Juban. I’ve been to many famous curry restaurants around here, and I remembered “Grill Mitsuten Hoshin”. The restaurant is famous for Western food, so I decided to go there to see if they have curry.


It’s been a long time. The hamburger steak and omelet rice are excellent here. If anything, the demi-glace sauce is delicious, so I imagined that hashed rice would be better than curry. The shop is in the basement down the stairs.


The space is as calm as ever.
Despite the current situation, there were not many customers for lunch.


Famous Omelette Rice 1800円

hayashi rice 1800円

chicken curry rice 1600円

beef curry rice 1800円

hamburger 1800円


Lots of yummy looking Western food.
When I arrived, I was tempted to cheat on the omu-rice & hamburger plate, but if I decided it was curry, it was curry. I ordered the beef curry because it was my first attempt. I was going to order the soup separately, but I heard that it came with the lunch set, so I didn’t order it.


After waiting for a while, the first thing that came was the soup.
The consommé soup at a western restaurant is perfect for a hangover because it is so delicious that it permeates. The soup here is as delicious as ever!


And a salad.
The fresh tomatoes go well with the sour dressing! It’s delicious.


And then came the curry!

That’s right! This kind of dish gives a nice atmosphere to a Western-style curry.
If you put it on yourself, it’s hard to distribute the roux and rice every time, or the pace! I try to do well this time and start eating. First bite of the roux. It is a very rich curry. It’s good. I don’t think you can feel the spiciness of the curry, but it’s more like a rich, Western-style curry! and the like. It goes well with rice.


The beef is thinly sliced.
It’s easier to eat than the ones with a lot of weight, but it’s a little harder and doesn’t have any fat, so your jaw will get tired. I think I like it a little softer. The sweetness and richness are strong, but the saltiness is a little thin and I felt it was a little unsatisfying.

And finally, coffee and dessert.


It’s very nice to be able to relax with a cup of coffee after a meal.
The bavarois with some kind of berry for dessert was also delicious.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Curry at a Western restaurant is also authentic and delicious, but it’s a little bit different from the direction it’s going, so I don’t think it’s something you eat when you have a hangover. When I have a hangover, I have the impression that dark, oily and full of spices go better with it. Next time I’m here, I’ll have an omelet and a hamburger!

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