Yu no daidokoro”, Akasaka Mitsuke, which serves delicious hot and spicy sword-cutting noodles

Yu no daidokoro

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Yu no daidokoro is one of the most famous hot Sichuan restaurants in Akasaka Mitsuke. It was getting hot and I wanted to eat something spicy, so I went there for lunch. I’ve been trying to get out early lately, so when I said around 11:30, there was one customer ahead!


The interior of the shop is a bit small and looks like this.


元祖・麻辣刀削麺 800円

汁なし麻辣刀削麺 850円

海鮮刀削麺 800円

頂点石焼麻婆豆腐 850円


After not knowing what to choose, I chose the hot and spicy noodles.
In a serious Sichuan restaurant, you can choose how hot you want it to be, but it’s pretty scary. I don’t know what to choose in the first place^^. It is usually medium spicy, fiercely spicy, or hell spicy. I didn’t think there was any hellish hotness from the beginning, so I tried a medium hot one.


While I wait a while, I check on my desk!


The vegetables for the snack are in a pot, so I’m free to eat them from here.
The sauce is soaked well into the vegetables and is delicious. Moreover, maybe because we came early in the morning, the crispiness was still there and it was delicious.


Chickpea and chickpea sauce.
Because of this, I thought it might have been better to keep the spiciness down.
I feel like this is the way to adjust it in the end.

And here comes the hot and spicy noodles!

It looks spicy. The bright red soup looks very delicious.
There are only a few vegetables in this dish, but the meat miso is very hearty.


The noodles are mushy and mushy and soaked in a thick hempy broth that’s delicious!
I made it medium spicy, but it’s pretty spicy^^.
I’m super good at spiciness! It may be very hard for people who are not feeling that way^^.

But the spiciness is very delicious.
It’s a great way to get a better idea of what you’re going to be doing in the future.

Because I’ve gotten used to the spiciness of eating in the middle while sweating
This is where I decided to do the Okaishou. The numbness increases and the taste doubles!

I was very satisfied with the amount of noodles.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

After sweating, I went outside the shop and the wind felt very nice.
It’s the season when spicy food and beer go well together in the summer.
I’m praying that a special medicine or vaccine will be available as soon as possible so that we can get back to our normal lives.

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