French bento at lunch! Pour Toi”, Akasaka

Pour Toi

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It’s been a while since I went into self-restraint mode, but when I go out for lunch, I can see that every shop is selling bento. Some of the places that don’t usually offer lunch also offer bento, so you can enjoy the taste of many different restaurants, which is a good thing. On this day, I decided to buy a bento at Pour Toi, a French restaurant.


Outside, the shopkeepers are cheerfully inviting people to join them.
What the hell is a French bento?
I stopped in my tracks unconsciously because of my curiosity.


Daily special bento 1000 yen

Daily special sandwich 500 yen


They have a bento and a sandwich with different ingredients for each day!
This time, I decided to buy a bento with pork stewed in red wine and a single sandwich!

Bento* sandwich

One lunch box is 1,000 yen, it’s pretty expensive, I thought.
Still, when you think of a French for 1,000 yen, it feels cheap!

First, open your bento!

Hmmm. It looks delicious. I’m glad it’s a lot of vegetables!
My lunch has bread on it and I feel like I’m eating it with the bread.

The salad was the first thing that made it so voluminous. The salad was packed full and the dressing was a nice touch and delicious! And on the bottom right is a tomato stew and a bean salad. Overall, the menu is full of vegetables. The main dish, pork stewed in red wine, was cooked to a delicate texture and had a strong flavor. It has a lot of richness and is very delicious. It’s great with bread, and it goes well with rice. It would be impossible for an ordinary family to serve this taste for 1,000 yen, so this lunch box may be a bargain.


And this is a sandwich. The dressing is also very good here. The soft salad chicken and the hard bread were very good. However, I just ate some bread, so I’m pretty full…!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

At first glance, it may seem expensive, but I thought it was worth the 1000 yen! However, it might be a little hard to do it every day for 1,000 yen, isn’t it? I think it’s a great value for money to keep as a weekly treat! I’d like to go to the restaurant once the commotion is over.

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