Lunch at Eichenplatz, a German beer shop in Akasaka


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Eichenplatz” is a German beer shop in Akasaka, and the place where you can drink German beer is We don’t have that many, so I’ve been going here a lot, but I haven’t been able to get there at all due to the recent turmoil. I can’t drink beer, but I could at least have lunch! That’s why we came to the store.


I’ve never been here for lunch before.
They have a daily lunch menu. Disinfectant at the entrance of the restaurant.


Daily special (sauteed pork with garlic and miso sauce) 1,000 yen

Beef stew 980 yen

Beef curry 900yen

Sausage Curry 980 yen


I couldn’t decide which one to order, but this time I ordered the daily lunch.
Unlike at night, the atmosphere is much different when the windows are fully open and it’s bright!

Sauteed Pork with Garlic Miso Sauce

First came the salad.


In the meantime, I’ll wait while I eat my salad.
The dressing has a nice tartness to it, and it’s delicious!
The slight sprinkling of pepper gives it a nice spicy flavor.

Then I waited for a while and this is what came out.

Yummy sautéed pork.
Potatoes and shredded cabbage. Eggplant fritters? Tempura?
It comes with something like a macaroni salad with tomato sauce.

The way it’s served looks so beautiful and delicious.


When you put the knife in, it cuts easily.
When you take a bite, it has a nice crunch and the flavor of the tomato sauce is so delicious.
It’s a bit spicy and goes great with rice!
It was a delicious sautéed pork that felt like it was made with great care.

You get a salad and rice for an amazing 1,000 yen. I think it’s one of the cheaper lunches around here. I was very happy with the coffee at the end.


That was a delicious meal.

I haven’t been here in a while and I’m craving German beer! That’s the honest truth of the matter. It’s going to be hot and it’s time for a good beer, but this self-restraint is going to feel like an inconvenience! I wish I could get a special cure soon!

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