Chinese local cuisine “kuronekoyoru” in Roppongi

黒猫夜 Roppongi

A restaurant in Roppongi that serves local Chinese cuisine.
I’ve often heard of Chinese food, but it’s a bit unusual when it’s called a local Chinese food. I’ve been here once for lunch and it was so good that I went for a nightcap to see it.


We’re on the 4th floor, but if you take the elevator up to the top, you’ll find a massive door.
There’s a unique atmosphere in the elevator hall that you don’t know if you should open it or not, but don’t worry, once you muster up the courage to open the door, it’s a normal shop. The inside of the shop is full of customers. This time, we were given a slightly larger seat since we had made a reservation!


冬の前菜盛り合わせ 1000円/一名

水東からし菜 ニンニク塩炒め 980円

百家風鴨舌炒め 980円

正宗麻婆豆腐 950円


There are many different menus, but all of them are different.
It’s different from the classic Chinese food and a little fun.

a la carte

First of all, the beer and the appetizer.


Szechuan peanuts are delicious. I wanted to take this one home with me!

The first two dishes I ordered were the two that it said were recommended!
Winter appetizer assortment. It starts at 2,000 yen for two people, but if there are more people, they will assemble it for you for 1,000 yen per person.


I think the bottom right is the farmer’s bean. It’s paired with fennel and the fennel smell is amazing! The top of it is a lever rolled up like a yuba. The taste is rich and delicious. The side of it looks like the firefly squid with Szechuan sauce. It was spicy and delicious. Then there were French fries and stewed shellfish. Each appetizer is a bit unique and interesting.

Then, I knew what came out next, but it was a shocking menu.


Duck’s tongue! There is a bone running through the inside, so you hold it like two legs and nibble on it. It’s good, but it’s complicated!

Then I ordered a glass of Shaoxing wine. The cheapest one on the decanter.
Shaoxing wine is the way to go with Chinese food! It’s good.


Since we also had Shaoxing wine, we ordered a fried dish with a lot of oil next. The mustard greens looked delicious, so I made a garlic-salt stir-fry.


It’s a bit small in quantity, but it’s crunchy and delicious. I’ve heard of garlic, but it’s mildly salty and mellowly flavored.

In addition, I ordered the fried bamboo shoots and the fried chicken with chili peppers. More chili peppers than the picture on the menu.


It’s spicy and tasty, but not too spicy.
Spring shoots are crunchy and delicious.

It came with a spicy one, so I went back to a slightly milder version and ordered the shrimp chili.


The prawns go well with the thick chili sauce.

The next thing I ordered was the “Chen San Village Senchi Powder”. The gyoza dough is made of rice flour and the ingredients are wrapped in the dough and made into a monja-yaki style. It is written on the menu, but I can’t get an image of it if I only explain it. When I was looking forward to see what kind of things were coming, a pretty big iron pot that I put on the fire appeared.


At first I thought they were like big spring rolls, wrapped in dough and on an iron pot, but the clerk crushed them and mixed them up. He said he waits for a little while and when the browned rice is ready, he scoops it up with a spoon and eats it. If you say it’s monja-like, do you think it’s like that? It was hot and crispy and the burnt meat was delicious.

And then there’s the lamb tsukutake I was wondering about.
It’s mixed with cereals and it’s said to have a cumin flavor.


There is a cumin-like substance in the sauce, so it is a cumin.
The red spicy sauce was also delicious.

After all, mapo tofu is the last one.


Masamune Mapo Tofu. It’s a bit like Chen Ma Po Tofu, but what’s the difference? It is also very tasty, with a strong peppery taste and a zesty spiciness. It was a delicious mapo that made me want to have rice.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It’s good to see so many new dishes! I thought I couldn’t eat Chinese local food unless I went there, but it’s amazing to be able to eat it in the middle of Roppongi. There are many a la carte menus that I gave up this time. The menu may change again, so I would like to come back again with a different season.

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