Nadahachi, the soba noodles with bokkake sauce, originated in Kobe


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A new mixed noodle restaurant opened at the end of last year in Akasaka Mitsuke. I was interested in it, but I haven’t had a chance to go there at all. I decided to go in because it was pretty much empty if I passed the front this time.


The entrance is small, but it is a long shop in the back. It seemed like there was only counter seating, but maybe there was table seating in the back. At the entrance, there is a food ticket machine right next to the entrance, and you will be seated next to it! Because the shop is quite small, the clerk is also moving quite unreasonably.


ぼっかけまぜそば 880円

ぼっかけダブルまぜそば 1080円

旨辛ぼっかけまぜそば 980円

焼豚ぼっかけまぜそば 1080円


There are quite a few different toppings. There are also curry, cheese, and pancakes that look pretty good. Since this was my first time, I chose the regular “Bokkake Mazesoba,” a specialty of the restaurant. Also, the free topping is wasabi. Free toppings are also issued with a food ticket, which is a little refreshing.

Hotchkake Mazesoba (cold)

And after waiting for a while, I found an article about how this shop was established.

The restaurant was started by an apprentice who trained at an udon restaurant in Yamada, Kobe City called “Hachimagura”, and based on the signature menu, “Suji Karo”, he started serving “Bokkake Mazesoba”. I’d like to try a mixed soba and nita udon. By the way, “bokkake” in “bokkake masesoba” is a dish that originated in Kobe Nagata, where beef sinew is simmered in a soup stock. It’s just like a beefsteak, isn’t it? While we were calling such a thing, we arrived at the bowl.

Mixed Soba. Yolk of an egg in the middle. Tenkasu and nori. bokkake (beef sinew) and leek. The sweet aroma of bokkake is distinctive. The noodles are round and slippery. Since it is a hiyashi-yaki, it is tightened tightly and it is quite chewy. If I chew quite a bit, my jaw will be clenched.


I took a bite of the noodles and mixed them up once.


After mixing, add the toppings Wasabi and chopped onions.


It’s become more like a mixed noodle!
The basic taste is a sweet and thick sauce. After the sweetness comes to the fore, the flavor of the soup stock and the salty taste. I asked for wasabi as a topping and it was a perfect choice. Refreshing spiciness is the best match. The crispy onions are also a nice touch. It was also delicious to put in quite a bit, but I refrained at first because it was written that too much caution.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I’ve never had a Kobe style mixed soba, but this one is delicious. I have the impression that there are a lot of fried noodles in Tokyo, but I hope that this kind of fried noodles will become popular in the future.

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