Cafe lunch at Hashinoshita, a retro jazz bar in Akasaka Mitsuke.



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In Akasaka Mitsuke, there are not so many shops that are open these days, but there was a sign that I was interested in, so I went in. Apparently, it’s like a bar, like a cafe. The menu on the sign at the entrance looks like a coffee shop lunch, and it’s retro!


Take the stairs down to the basement. With that, we went to a darker store!
It seems to be a shop where you can smoke. It may be a good place for smokers, but if you’re not a smoker, you’ll find it smoky, so be careful!


Pork loin ginger yaki set 1000 yen

Pork Sauteed Set 1000 yen

Pork loin and shimeji mushroom set 1000 yen

Dry Curry Set 900 yen

Shrimp Pilaf Set: 900 yen

Hamburger Rice Set 1000 yen

Neapolitan set at a coffee shop 1000 yen


Gingerbread, dry curry, neapolitan, pilaf! What is it that gives me a sense of the Showa era^^The dry curry I chose from the nostalgic menu!

dry curry

The first thing that came was the salad.


An extremely common salad! The French dressing is good.

After waiting for a while, here is what came out.

Dry curry! I haven’t had a dry curry in years.
I haven’t had it for at least 10 years, I thought to myself.

It’s like a curry-like pilaf, and it makes me feel nostalgic that it used to taste like this. The flavor of the curry is strong and the taste is a little strong. The fried eggs don’t look so good, but they’re firm and half-boiled. When you mash the yolk, the spice and spiciness become mellow and delicious again!

It’s not that much, so you can eat it all up quickly!
For those who eat a lot of food, it might be a little too much for them.


And coffee.
I think that this is the main one for everyone.
Everyone is drinking coffee, reading newspapers and cell phones, taking a smoke and going home.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I’m glad I was firmly reminded that I’d forgotten dry curry existed on the menu! I thought I’d like to try Neapolitan next time. It’s more of a smoking café than a restaurant, which makes me think that it’s a place where local office workers can relax.

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