ArenaRossa”, an alleyway Italian restaurant in Akasaka



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ArenaRossa is an Italian restaurant located in an alleyway in Akasaka. I found this shop when I happened to be in an alley. They seem to be doing pasta at lunchtime, so we decided to go in to try it out.


Once inside, you can smell the smell of wood in the air. Do you think this store is new?
It somehow felt like a new building. The seats are on the second floor and the interior is quite bright.


Today’s fresh pasta (mushroom and tomato sauce) 1000円

Today’s dried pasta (carbonara) 1000円

margherita 1100円

Mushroom Pizza 1250円

Mixed cheese pizza. 1450円

Gnocchi with domestic buckwheat noodles 1200円


Pizza and pasta are the main menu items. I decided to use mushroom tomato sauce for fresh pasta because I wanted to make it.

Today’s fresh pasta (mushroom and tomato sauce)

The first thing that came out was a salad!


Hmmm! A poor salad! And two slices of bread! This will be lonely.
It would be nice if there was one more drink. In this case, it looks like I just put it up for the time being. I’m suddenly disappointed with my first impressions.

And here’s what we got.

It’s a flat pasta that goes well with the sauce, but it seems to have a thin taste. It’s a little bit of a shame that it’s not quite as sticky as fresh pasta.


I guess it tastes kind of good! I think it’s better to be careful when eating it because it’s so flat and the sauce is going to fly off.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Hmmm. If this is 1000 yen, I think it’s the price in Akasaka. There are many delicious Italian restaurants around here that are quite bulky and delicious, so I can’t help but compare it to them. Maybe I’ll have a solid night! I felt that if there was a little more value for money, I might want to come back again!

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