Fancy grilled meat! yakiniku lunch at Yu-Gen-Tei Akasaka

Yu-Gen-Tei Akasaka

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Yu-Gen-Tei Akasaka” in Akasaka Mitsuke is a particularly high-class series of the Joryoen.
When I was looking for lunch this time, I spotted this restaurant, so I thought it would be nice to have a fancy lunch once in a while, since I’ve been getting a lot of stress from my self-restraint. So I decided to go in.


I was taken to a large private room with a high class feel when I entered.


Grilled shoulder loin lunch 2970 yen

Yakiniku lunch [A] 3,630 yen

Yakiniku lunch [B] 4,620 yen

Yakiniku lunch [C] 6050 yen


There are four types of lunches. They are all very expensive! I was going to splurge today, but the barbecue lunch A was out of my reach for 4,620 yen.

Yakiniku Lunch [A]

The first thing that came was the rice set.
This rice set is strangely sumptuous: namul, kimchi, salad and soup.


The kimchi is thick and deep and delicious. The spiciness is not so strong and it is easy to eat. It has a strong lactobacillus feel to it and it’s delicious.
The salad is also good because the leaves are thick and the dressing is sprinkled evenly. I sometimes buy Syoyoen dressing and use it at home, but the trick to make it tasty is to mix it evenly? I thought to myself.

And so the meat appeared!

Mmm, looks delicious. The amount is a little bit too much, but it’s galbi, grilled red meat loin, grilled shrimp! I’m a little glad there are shrimp.


Hmmm. It looks delicious.
I had a taste of the grilled meat and it was delicious! I have a feeling this is good meat.


Look at this happy combination. This is an excellent yakiniku that goes well with rice.
And I also bake the shrimp.


Fragrant and preppy shrimp. This is also delicious.

And after the meal, dessert. It comes with ice.


And finally, after-dinner coffee!



thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It’s nice to have a lavish lunch once in a while. The meat is delicious and the portions are just right for some reason. In addition, it’s a private room where you can relax with dessert and coffee after a meal. I can’t do regular spending, of course, but I reward myself once in a while! It may be possible to use it in such a way.

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