High quality shortcake at Patisserie Satsuki


Patisserie SATSUKI

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Patisserie in the Hotel New Otani in Tameike-sanno. “SATSUKI”. They sell very expensive shortcakes called “Super Melon Cake” or “Super Nantara Cake”. It’s a shop you see on TV a lot, but this time you get a chance to buy a very expensive cake there!

I felt like I could eat it, but I only came to buy some souvenirs today, so I went to the sales section next door. There are so many delicious looking cakes on the counter!


Extra Super Isbahan Shortcake 3000円

New Extra Super Melon Shortcake 3800円

New Extra Super Amaoohou Shortcake 3000円

Super Chocolate Shortcake 1550円

Super Amau Shortcake 1200円

The top of a shortcake is 3,800 yen, and the price is around 1,000 yen.
This is expensive……….. However, I’d like to try it at least once.
I dared to try the new Extra Super Amaooh Shortcake this time!


I had it wrapped up in a takeaway.
I only bought one shortcake on the way, but it was heavy.

I went home and opened it up!

This is the new Extra Super Amaooh Short Cake, a 3000 yen cake!

The concept is that the hotel is serious about making everyone’s favorite shortcake.
The strawberries on the list are all “Amao”. I’m sure I’ve never had an Amaooh before, so this might be the first time I’ve had one… each piece contains about 8 Amaoos!

The first bite of the strawberry is sweet and delicious!
You can see that the good tartness is different from a normal cake.

What surprised me was the cream. A cream with almond flavor and a gentle sweetness. There is no persistence at all, and it has a refreshing aftertaste. I think I can eat a bowl of cream with this.

There was also lychee as a hidden element inside.
I’m sure it’s delicious! But considering the price tag, I guess it would be nice if I could eat it a few times in my lifetime? I felt that it was at the level of

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

It’s a very expensive cake for 3,000 yen, but
The volume is also amazing, so I think two or three people can be satisfied enough to eat it.
It’s a good idea to try it at least once as an experience!

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