Why they don’t do lunch too, Akasaka “Menya Shota” Yoru-jiro


Menya Shota Akasaka

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I’ve only been to “Menya Shota” since last time, but I just happened to pass by the front of the shop at night, so I was sucked into it.


Yes, the target is Yorujiro. It’s a limited menu that can only be eaten after 5:00 p.m. What’s more, it’s limited to 40 drinks. I’ve been wanting to eat this when I came here for lunch before, and now my wish is finally coming true.


夜二郎(17時から〜) 900円


This time, there’s no one to see except Yorujiro! I didn’t think it would be a good idea if I couldn’t have a 40-course meal, but I was able to buy a food ticket and give it to the clerk, so I could eat safely. How convenient that I didn’t have any business to meet anyone the next day!


Looking at the restaurant calmly again, it was almost full.
I didn’t think it would be so crowded at lunch, but it’s quite popular at night. There are many bars in the Akasaka area, so I guess everyone stops by after having a drink to finish it off. It seems that there are many offices, so I guess it’s a normal dinner. Just as I was thinking about this, Yoru-jiro appeared.

This is Yorujiro.
The garlic is on top of the garlic, which makes a very good impression.
Not so much the vegetables, but the normal size. Just right. Plenty of back fat and chashu on top. It is sprinkled with a sprinkling of pepper.


The noodles are of course lumpy and thick.
It’s more like a jiro than I expected and I have high hopes for this one.

When you take a bite, the flavor of garlic and the thick sweet and spicy soup will pierce your brain. The back fat is firmly covered, so the taste of the abalone is also very good. The thick, lumpy noodles combine well with the wheat flavor and harmonize well.
Hmmm. It’s more Jiro than I expected. Why can’t they also do lunch for us? I wonder if the soup is too much. Or maybe I don’t like it because it’s a little different from the original concept. It was absolutely delicious and I was very happy with it.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

Incidentally, the garlic comes in a rather large portion at first, but you can add more by yourself. In this case, it will be minced garlic, so it’s like dissolving it in the soup. (It comes with chopped garlic.) If you eat too much raw garlic, your intestinal bacteria will get sick. I’ve heard some people say that, so let’s go easy on them!

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