Irohaya, a deep Chinese soba noodles restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo



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When I was going on Waseda Street, I found a ramen shop with a long-established atmosphere. It was called “Irohaya”, so I did a little research and it seemed to be a famous shop, so I decided to visit it.


The shop is only a counter, with only 6-7 seats, I think.
There is a ticket vending machine at the entrance, and you can buy a meal ticket there before you take your seat.


Ramen 700 yen

Ajitama ramen 770 yen

Chashu Ramen 900yen

Tsukemen 750 yen


It’s a little hard to see from a distance, but it’s basically ramen!
They say the large portions of noodles are free! However, I wasn’t sure if I could eat that much, so I went for the regular bowl of chashu noodles.

chashu noodles

It looks like the owner is a one-man shop, and he makes each cup slowly and carefully.
It’s fun to watch them from the time they’re ordered until they’re done.

After a while, the chashu noodles appeared.

Menma, chashu, naruto and nori in a clear soup.
This is the kind of dish that can be called “Chinese soba” without the wasteful things.


When you take a sip of the soup, the soy sauce flavor spreads and then you can feel the sweetness of the soup. It has a very gentle taste, and this is the kind of soup you can drink even with a hangover.


The noodles are straight, round noodles. I felt that this type of noodle is very rare in Chinese soba. The noodles themselves were tasty and chewy. It also seemed to go well with the gentle soup. The chashu is not too soft, but it has a firm texture and you can feel the meat.

I ate it all!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

We just happened to be passing by this restaurant, and I’m so glad we were able to have the gentle and delicious Chinese noodles! I used to (and still do) like miso ramen the most, but recently I’ve fallen in love with the old-fashioned soy sauce-type Chinese soba noodles, and I’ve been eating them all the time. I’d like to try more soy sauce ramen in the future! I thought to myself.

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