Sukiyaki at Serina Honten, a long-established Japanese restaurant in Roppongi.

Serina Honten

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We had a dinner and went to Senina. It is a famous high class restaurant in Roppongi. I hadn’t had a chance to go there until now, and I’ve been wanting to go there someday, but the time has finally come. This time we decided to make a reservation for lunch and go.


We had made a reservation, but we were the only customers.
It might have been on the second floor, but it was almost almost reserved.


enjoyment meal 3000円

Sukiyaki lunch 7000円

Wagyu Stone Grilled Steak Lunch 5000円

Japanese beef shabu-shabu lunch 7000円


They are all very expensive……… But this time, I went out of my way! So we all decided to have a sukiyaki lunch for 7,000 yen. If we don’t all get together, we’ll end up with a lot of pots and pans and fill up the tables. This is the consideration of

Sukiyaki lunch

So, the first thing that came to me was the water octopus with ume vinegar. The shrimpy octopus and plum vinegar are delicious.


And a salad.
Somehow, the image is similar to that of a salad at a yakiniku restaurant.
The sesame seeds and dressing are delicious.


And as I was eating my salad, a hot pot appeared! What a way to put it to the side. I thought it was going to be a pot on the table to cook in.


I thought it would be hard to get it on the side, but to my surprise, one of the clerks followed me and did everything for me! That’s what a fine dining restaurant looks like. I decided to take your word for it and wait. And here’s the meat!

Ugh. Meat that already looks delicious before it’s cooked.
Then, with accustomed hands, it went into the pot. Along with the divider.


The eggs also came out in a mixture, first a piece of meat and then a leek.
It’s delicious when eaten in an egg! I thought I’d heard somewhere that eggs are for waking up hot meat, but it’s definitely an advantage to be able to eat them right away. The meat is also delicious, with sweet fat and splits!

This is where the rice and miso soup appeared.


In the meantime, the second wave also arrived.


Tofu, shiitake mushroom and meat.
The tofu sucked the warishita in a good way and it was good. The meat is as good as ever.

And the third wave.


The onions are sweet and delicious! This is the third and last piece of meat.
It’s true that they did everything for us, and it’s a very high classy feeling, but 7,000 yen for three pieces of meat is also amazing….


The last is shirataki and garland chrysanthemum.
In fact, the garland chrysanthemum at the end of the meal was so refreshing and delicious that I thought it might be better than the meat. Shirataki is also completely transformed into a fancy food by sucking up the fat and splits of the meat. I ended up eating two cups of rice because he asked me for another cup of rice in an appropriate manner.

And finally, after-dinner coffee and dessert.


thank you very much (for your hospitality)

I was able to concentrate on the conversation from the beginning to the end, so I thought it was a good restaurant for a dinner, but it’s a bit expensive so I thought it was unreasonable. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat a 7000 yen lunch for a while.

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