Beef Suji Curry at Nikujiruya 3, a restaurant with meat juice, Akasaka


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Near Akasaka Station, as I walked by, I found a shop with meat juices. I don’t know if we’ve had a place like this before. It seems to be a sushi restaurant called Kazusu, which is only open for lunch. Its name is “Nikujiruya 3”.

The shop is upstairs! As you walk up the stairs, a shop appears.


Meat set meal 1000 yen

Early summer jiru set meal 1200 yen

Italian set meal with meat sauce 1000 yen

Beef Suji Curry 1300 yen

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to eat the meat juices, but I was in the mood for curry, so I went with curry.

Beef Suji Curry Set Lunch

After ordering, I waited for a while, but it didn’t come at all^^
It was a miscalculation that I thought it wouldn’t be so crowded.
Maybe it takes a lot of time to make meat juices…!

First, a salad set showed up.

I ate my salad slowly and waited about 30 minutes from there before finally appearing!


Curry with beef sinew. You can feel the spice, but also the sweetness deep down.
It’s an ordinary curry, but I think it’s carefully made.
The beefsteak is melted and the texture is very good.

I only served the curry, but I think they adjusted it because it came out before the person who ordered the meat juice, but it was long!

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

A long time ago in Tokushima, I ate something called “meat sucking”, and I’m sure that meat juice is similar to that. The curry wasn’t that amazingly good, so I thought I’d order the meat juices next time!

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